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Ultra Slim XS Complaints & Reviews

Ultra Slim XS - Florida, Miami / ultra slim XS


I did order this product and received the 14-day trial. I cancelled my account within the specified window and didn't receive any other shipments. I received a letter dated 3/23/2010 stating that I owed them 109.95 for a product I received. They tried charging to my credit card for which i do not have anymore. i do not have credit due to finance problem and my personnel documents were stolen. called customer service an spoke w/damien. He was very helpull by reducing my fee, because i never received instruction that i have to return the product within 30 days. I told them that i do not know when if when i will be able to pay...the reduced fee...i feel i should not be charged...

Ultra Slim XS - West Virginia, Charleston / False Advertising


They advertise for a FREE one month trial with only shipping. Sure, there's a box you have to read and agree to but who remembers what that says by the time you get the product! You only had 14 days before they take about $60 out of your account if you didn't contact them to cancel BEFORE the 14 days was up. How could anyone know in that short time if the product was even going to work? Also, the paper that came with the bottle didn't say you had to contact them within 14 days either. I feel like this is false advertising because you don't actually have a FREE one month trial, unless you happen to remember every single thing that was in that box.

Ultra Slim XS - Arizona / scam


I completley agree with the last lady and every bit of her statement! I just got off the phone with ultra slim and spoke with Trey and Laura, as I called twice without any resolution. They would not let me talk to a supervisor or put me through to a voice mail. "They don't have a voicemail" I was told. They kept telling me about the "terms and agreement". In the packaging there was never any contact info and you had no idea how much the future bottles were. I have an unopened bottle that they will not le me send back cause it is been a month since I enrolled. I am fuming right now. I plan on contacting the better business bureau as I hope all of you do!

Ultra Slim XS - Arizona, Scottsdale / Rip Off!!


Trust me, this product and all that comes with it is a rip off!! So you get a 30 day month supply by only paying shipping and handling ($4.95) and 14 days later they charge your credit card $59.95 for the "free" bottle you got. I just got my statement and am pretty upset about it. Don't go through the hassle of having to pay 65.00 for this product. By the way, they keep sending you bottles of this product without you asking for them. Read the whole PARAGRAPH right UNDER "Complete Order". Don't be a dumbass like me and click on it before you get a chance to read it... Terms & Condition...

Ultra Slim XS - Arizona, Scottsdale / Can't return unused portions


I was charged 4.95 for initial order, then 14 days to the letter my credit card was charged another 59.95. After speaking with their customer service, they stated no refunds will be accepted, however I can keep the bottle I paid for $64.00 for 60 pills. Little pricey. These scams should be investigated furture. I wish these companys good luck because they give a whole new meaning to the words CUSTOMER SERVICE. How is Oprah going to support this. Andrea Minnesota

Ultra Slim XS / Aggressive Marketing and Refusal to provide a Refund


I don't normally respond to aggressive internet marketing but in the case of the Nature's Acai Berry and Ultra Slim XS weight loss advertising scam I fell victim. Here's the scam: 1. I came upon a website with the testimonial of somebody named Michelle Thomas from New York who reports that she lost 35 lbs on the Nature's Acai and Ultraslim diet. This is the first part of the scam. Michelle Thomas is also the same person with as Katie Carson, Naomi Conrad, Jenna Patterson, Laura Conrad, Jaymes Conrad and on and on who. 2. There were prominently placed sidebars on...