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Sep 12, 2012

UBID started as a great alternative to Ebay. When they would list multiple numbers of the same product (like 25 cameras available) you stood a great chance of getting one reasonably. And when you were the lowest of the 15 winning bidders you felt damn good about it. But listings now are generally for one item just like every other bidding site. And today when you do win there is a transaction fee - WHAT, where did this come from? On Ebay the seller pays that not the buyer. Lastly, their shipping charges are absurd - way over the top. Once I was so high on UBID they sent me a T-shirt - I bought... - Illinois, Carlinville / unsearched coins

Apr 7, 2012 is or someone connected to them are screwing people over on selling unsearched roll of coins. Rolls that have been searched. First roll of coins I received, I was led to believe, that it was a roll of indian head pennies, the picture at bidding time showed the indian head at the end. When I received the roll it showed the rear of indian head penny at both ends. To my surprise the roll only had 49 pennies in it in which only three were indian head pennies. On second roll of pennies, I bid on what I was led to believe were a roll of unsearched wheat pennies. My surprise, some of the... - Illinois, Itasca IL 60143 / Refund

Oct 19, 2011

On 08-25-11 I purchased a monitor from, after 2 weeks I received my merchandise, after opening the package, there was no power cord included. On 09-09-11 I contacted per telephone and advised the rep. that I need a RMA# and a mailing ticket for FED EX to send the merchandise back. I was e-mailed all the information and the same day I send the merchandise back to My package was received by on 09-15-11 at 1:47 pm sign by E ***** .I was told by a rep from that my refund will be issued within 10 days. Today is 10-04-11 and after several e-mails and phone... / Account Deactivated after Winning; won't honor winning bid an Item


I've been bidding in for several years now and finally got my 1st win last week, an XBOX 360 Arcade that me and my kids bid on. Naturally, my kids were ecstatic for the win as they will add this console to their PS3 and Wii. A day after getting an email confirmation that I won in the bid, uBid deactivated my account and cancelled my order. I sent an email to customer service to ask what happened and this is the reply that I got: ---------------------------------------------------- Thank you for contacting Please be aware that this order was canceled due to your IP... / Won't honor auctions


I have been a long time customer of uBid, spending a couple thousand dollars over a 10-12 year period. Recently, I decided to buy some mp3 players as gifts, and found some at with low opening bid prices. I won four of these units, in separate auctions, all at the opening bid price, because nobody bid against me. uBid confirmed I had won, and later sent me USPS tracking numbers. But, it turns out they never mailed the items, they just issued the tracking numbers. When I complained that I had not received them, they just ignored me. It took many repeated attempts before they would even... - New York / Cancelled Purchases and Deactivated Account


First canceled two of my successful purchases. They did this without notification, either by email or using their online systems. I notified them using their online help form. Apparently their customer service ends early in the day so you cannot call after work. I had no idea why the purchases were canceled until I researched my account and found a minor credit card discrepancy (the CC number on the back of the card) was blank in their database. I corrected their error using their form and everything saved successfully. Then they deactivated my account. Now I am out two gifts and no reply to my online help submissions more than 48 hours later. - Illinois, Chicago / Rip off


Bid, won and received a 'Sterling Silver Diamond Tennis Bracelet' After receiving the bracelet, I got out the magnifying glass and located 1 pin head sized diamond (alleged). Sure it was a cheap auction, however they had the good ol 'compare to' price of $600.00. LOL, its not worth more than costume jewelry. Auction said to click on thumbnail to get close up, tried that, it was a dead link. Shipping was in the vicinity of $18.00, it arrived in a tiny little zip lock bag in a 20 cent padded envelope with $1.33 postage. This isn't the first time they scalped me, I won an... - Illinois, Danville / Not honoring a winning bid


Watch out if you are bidding on I had a bad experience with them recently. I bid on an HP laptop. When the auction closed (in this case it did not went to overtime), web site showed me as the winner. However, more than an hour later I received an outbid notice. I went back to web site and it showed a new winner with a bid of $200+ higher. I complained to Their response is that there was a glitch in their system and they are not responsible for the mistake. I went to BBB (Better Business Bureau) and filed a complaint. gave the same answer. One...