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Tustin Smile Care Complaints & Reviews

Tustin Smile Care - California, Tustin / Not honoring their own coupon. Trying to get paid from me and insurance company.

Aug 31, 2011

I submitted my $59 coupon to the dentist upon completion of my teeth cleannig. They charged my credit card, and I thought we were all finished. The next day I called to get a receipt from them showing the dental codes so that I may submit it to my dental insurance for reimbursement. The insurance gives you $75 per year for cleannig. When I submitted my receipt to the insurance agent, he told me that the dental office has sent them a bill for $262, so they sent a check for $75 to the dentist office. I told them that they have been paid. He asked to go get the check from them, because it belongs to...

Tustin Smile Care - California, Tustin / Horrible office!

Jul 14, 2011

This office is a scam! They are money hungry and the office manager is rude! They charge "sterilization" fees and "lab" fees. I called my insurance. They cannot charge those fees. Awful dental work as well. Also the dentist dr.lee is very unsanitary. I never saw him wash his hands going from room to room and there's a sink right next to each room. Gross!

Tustin Smile Care - California, Tustin / Dental Office Scam

Jun 12, 2011

Dental office from HELL! I can not stand the way they manage their office. They call continuing care every week, it seems like. Too much additional fees like: sterilization fee, adding additional porcelain to crowns, charging a full series of x-rays when they only took four x-rays. This place is a scam and seems to be money hungry. When calling the office the front person always places you on hold or says that she will call you back to discuss your account; weeks will go by and nothing. They won't call you back regarding your account, but they will continuously call you to come in for treatment. Customer beware; this dental office is a big SCAM!