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TRX - The Alliance Complaints & Reviews

TRX - The Alliance / Did not pay tax preparers rebates

Feb 12, 2012

It is sad that it looks like i am going to have to take these losers to court. They duped me out of 1700.00. I am looking for other preparers they have duped to proceed with a class action. We have 2 others. I know there are more. I have been promised my rebate on several different occasions and through the BBB but they still have not paid.

TRX - The Alliance / Software wouldn't work for me and they wouldn't give a refund

Jan 17, 2012

Software would not convert my data from Pro Series correctly. I contacted their worthless tech support team and they could not make the conversion work. Their solution was basically to rework all my prior year returns to make them work in their software. That was not acceptable so I requested a refund. They refused to refund the purchase price. MY ADVICE- DO NOT CONSIDER THIS COMPANY! THERE ARE A LOT BETTER OPTIONS OUT THERE! FIND A COMPANY WITH INTEGRITY! I'm sure you can find a better solution!

TRX - The Alliance / Don't waste your money with them

Jan 16, 2012

It is January 17th and still no W-2 Software.The 1040's are still draft forms. The software does not convert 1040 clients as promised, errors on depreciation on every return. I called sales today, no refunds for the software after 72 hours. (Very nice since it is purchased months in advance) I have gone back to my old software company and purchased today. Don't waste your money!

TRX - The Alliance / Latest upgrade messed up my tax program

Jan 16, 2012

The latest update that was posted Saturday messed up my working tax program, when its doing the automatic update it suddenly stopped and rec'd. error message "repository network cannot be found" and stopped downloading. When I tried to accessed the program it will not run and its loooking for a network drive, I am not on the network, program was installed on a stand alone computer. Up to now if I tried to download the update (ver. 7.xx) I am getting the same error message, cannot accessed the program. I am using a laptop, Win7(64), 4gig mem. 500g hd and Intel I3. One more issue my desktop...

TRX - The Alliance / Service Bureau Fees Collected are stolen by TRX Alliance

Jan 09, 2012

We have been inquiring about the service bureau payment since June. We were told that they would be mailed July 1st, then; between 1st and the 15th; and then thru the 31st. It is now Nov.17, 2010, We still have not received the Service Bureau Fee payments. We spoke to Josh a few months weeks ago who told us to wait 'til the Monday after which was after the 31st of July and that he was instructed to tell us that if the check were not received by the 31st of July he would overnight the checks to our office. I guest that he didn't know that his offices would be closed that week because...

TRX - The Alliance / Do not conduct any form of business with Doug Hughes or TRX

Jan 03, 2012

Warning: do not conduct any form of business with Doug Hughes or TRX, they will lie to you over and over for their own gain and you will never recover your money owed or products promised. Doug has been making promise after promise to me and many others since mid July and he still has not paid what he owes us. Doug Hughes and all of his cohorts belong in prison and from what I hear, the wheels of justice are moving toward that end.

TRX - The Alliance / No service bureau check as promised

Dec 06, 2011

I've been dealing with TRX for 3 yrs and this past tax season i let TRX convince me to take advantage of this service bureau fee which turned out not to be a benefit but a nightmare. This was my hard earned money. And the lastest thing I was told from TRX was he purchased their own software and he's waiting on investors or funding in order to pay us our money. What does this have to do with me. I worked for that money not Doug or anyone else at TRX. I've called TRX numerous times and have had numerous correspondance from Doug each time telling me something different. As of...

TRX - The Alliance / TRX is just misleading everyone

Dec 05, 2011

I have lied to and mislead by Doug as well. I was told I would have my check by the firs week in July, then by July 31st. Then I get a email from Doug stated that hey were having problems with employees and they had to fired them and the checks were issued but they could not send them until there "investigation" was complete. The he tells me that checks would be mailed by the 1st on this week. Now I get a email stating i will have to wait another 30days!!! I for a lawsuit against TRX because they are stealing and misleading there clients.

TRX - The Alliance / I have not received anything from them to date

Oct 11, 2011

During the month of May 2009, I spoke with some of TRX Alliance representatives, namely Michael Dodd and Todd Reynolds. They offered the 2009 Taxwise Program for $299.00 plus shipping if purchased by May month end. The shipment would be done in December 2009. I thought that this was a really good deal. I had used the Taxwise program from 2001 to 2007 so I knew the Taxwise program very well and I figured that I would buy this program and not have to deal with any new program. I paid $328.95 for everything. They gave me my registration code so that I could install the 2008 TRXPRO- TW (Taxwise...