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TruTech Complaints & Reviews

TruTech - California, Huntington Beach / Bad product/No Service

Mar 10, 2011

I purchased a TruTech 19" LCD HDTV from a Target store back in 7/2009 and it was working fine until just recently the picture went out, just like a light bulb, but the TV is still on with sound. Since the TV only has a one year warranty my next step was to find out if this TV is worth fixing. I kept the box with all the info. that came with it and I called the toll free number, 1-866-567-8564, and only got a recording prompting me to email their tech support. I did on Monday and today is Friday, no reply back. I went online to and their site isn't much help but I did find a...

TruTech - Florida, Jacksonville / poor quality


I purchased a 32" lcd television from Target that was manufactured in April of 2006 (accordiing to the sticker on the back ) and have had nothing but problems with it since. At first, the volume would randomly adjust itself to the point of being muted, then a large permanent smear developed on the right hand side of the screen ( and continued to grow larger with time ). Suddenly, a couple of weeks ago, it would not power up, and I cannot resolve the problem without having to pay someone to fix it for me. The troubleshooting guide in the manual is an ABSOLUTE JOKE !!! No kidding - if the tv...

TruTech - Alabama, Tuscaloosa / TV's Did Not Last Year


I bought two new TruTech TV/DVD's last year for my kids at Christmas, and one of them just went out...And from the sounds and video problems with the other one, it looks like it wont last for this Christmas...So instead of getting my kids a tv last year, I'm going to have to buy TWO MORE this year for them...I really wish Target or the company Trutech would give us new tv's since the ones we bought last year did not even last a year...This is so poor for business, and really puts a strain on our budget we had for Christmas this year...I barely had enough to get them what thet...

TruTech - Wisconsin, Janesville / Lack of Warranty


I too am a victim to Target and TruTech. I bought a 19" flat screen with built in DVD player in Dec 2008. June 2009 the picture was gone but the sound was still there. I tried to get information from Target but was given the run around and told that I needed to contac their hotline to get Tru Tech's contact number. I was connected to a non speaking english speaker at Targets hotline. This person couldn't understand me and hung up on me. Good thing I can't reach through the phone. Target and TruTech are junk and I won't buy at either ever again.

TruTech - New Hampshire / tv


In the spring of 2006 I purchased a trutech 26" thin LCD tv. It was manufactured in March of 2006, model #PLV16260. In less than 18 months both the sound and picture stopped working. Now I do not have a tv. As a teacher, I do not have the money to spend on a new tv nor the $1000 I spent on the one I purchased. In fact I used my tax return to "treat" myself. Some "treat". I was amazed when I saw how many complaints there were regarding these products. Are you trying to help any of these consumers? Sincerely, Shelley Begin Josephine Drive Londonderry, NH 03053 [email protected]

TruTech - Florida / Tv/dvd is grabage


I bought a Trutech Tv/DVD combo from Target and the DVD broke within a month, took it back to the store and they gave me the same tv . I took that home and within 6 months it was broken again, this time the tv would not work, I spoke to the store manager and once again was send home with a BRAND NEW Trutech tv, 3 months later and this piece of crap uis broken again and this time i have no recourse, PLEASE DO NOT BUY TRUTECH, thhey offer no customer serveice, tech support and have zero warranty

TruTech / Fraud & scam


We also bought a 17" TruTech DVD/TV for our daughter for her college dorm, what a BIG mistake!!! It hasn't even been a year and it just decided to stop working for no reason whatsoever. Did anyone try to contact the Attorney General? I am going to contact him and make him aware of the numerous complaints about this piece of junk!!! If I find out any info I will post it.

TruTech - Georgia / a possible solution to trutech mp3 player complaints


This isn't really a complaint but it may help you people with the "defective" trutech mp3 players Go to Google and type in USBDLM, go to the website, download it and follow the help file instructions It took me a while to figure out how to get my "defective" mp3 player to work and this is the software I found turns out all you need is some extra disc drives and since Ive downloaded this software my mp3 player works 100% right every time however your mp3 player is guarenteed to work only if you follow the USBDLM help file

TruTech / TV/DVD Player will not work!


I purchased a Trutech T2000 tv/dvd from Target for my daughter last Christmas. By April it was not playing dvd's. After a complete runaround with Target to determine the manufacturer, it was past the date where anyone could assist. The Target Customer Service number took down the information, however, they had the usual "there is nothing we could do about it!" Target, you need to stop selling this worthless product. Trutech is giving you a bad reputation--your buyers need to "wake up" and find a different supplier! I spoke to the local store manager, he was cordial, however my television/dvd player is still not working! Very frustrated and I had higher expectations of Target!

TruTech / DVD player on tv broke!


I received a 13" Trutech TV/DVD player for Christmas 2006. I was watching a DVD last night 9/28/07 and the DVD player acted like the DVD had scratches on it and it froze. I tried to clean the DVD and replay it, but the DVD player did nothing. I tried to put in another DVD... nothing. It just broke. I can not find a website to find out how to get this fixed and from the complaints on this website, I don't think it is even worth it.