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True Spa Complaints & Reviews

True Spa / True Spa have their priorities mixed

Dec 16, 2011

I had heard this company True Spa through a bank telemarketing campaign. They were a spa that was offering a free trial and I decided that there was no harm in just trying it. So I set up a convenient time on the weekend that worked well for me. When I went in I really enjoyed the free trial and so I decided to sign up for a package. From that time on though I had a very difficult time ever getting a time slot that worked for me. Every time I would try to call to set up an appointment on the weekend they were fully booked. Even getting an appointment on the weekdays was like pulling teeth. I...

True Spa / Fully booked all the time


I first came across the company through a bank telemarketing campaign. It was a free trial and they booked me a slot at a convenient time on the weekend. The service at the SPA was good but... after I've signed up for the pacakge. I can never get a timeslot in the weekends and even weekday evenings are almost always fully booked. When I finally get to my 1 month advance booking, which they sometimes forget about, I realised that in the waiting area are people who are coming for the trial. Yes it's important to get more business, but WE ARE THE PAYING CUSTOMERS!!! This is no different from a scam.