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Tropical Grand Vacations Complaints & Reviews

Tropical Grand Vacations - Florida, Orlando / Called to congratulate me on winning a holiday


Dear Sir I received a phone call out of the blue to my landline in Northern Ireland The caller was Shelly Adams from Tropcial Grand Vacations in Orlando who advised me I had won a holiday:- 5 days & 4 nights at Orlando Hotel, 2 unlimited hopper passes either universal or disney, 3 days & 2 nights Daytona beach at Floridas Ocean club 3 days & 2 nights Bahama cruise from Fort Lauderdale Ref no TV1 22608103. I would have to pay a min of €299 per location. 2 adults and 3 children could avail of this package. Further I had 30 days advance notice if I wished to withdraw. Shelly happily said...

Tropical Grand Vacations - England, Greater London, London / SCAM


Somebody phoned me last night from tropical grand vacation. I am NEVER a sucker for these kind of things, but I gave out my card details. I didn't want to give out my credit card details, so I only gave them my debit card details. They wanted £495 from me. I knew there wasn't enough money on this account, so how could they get the money then? They did it while i was on the phone with them and the told me that there is something wrong with my card. I knew it was insufficient funds but the lady said they were going to try again. She came back after a few minutes and told me that it...

Tropical Grand Vacations - Florida / Free Holiday Possible Scam


User EBS Holiday purchased November 2017. Further to my posting on this site I am pleased to report it would appear I have been given my money back by Tropical Grand Vacations. I wrote to them at their address listed within the 4 weeks of purchasing the holiday. I explained my partner did not want to go on this holiday and despite me not receiving any documents (as they promised to arrived between 14-16 days by recorded delivery etc) and trying to contact them many times via telephone to cancel the said holiday, I wished to have my money back. (The telephone number they gave me, and the one...

Tropical Grand Vacations / scam con fraud


i got a call today saying i have been selected to win a holliday in floirda for 11 nights in one of the top10 grand 5 star hotels, if i could take this holliday with in the next 6weeks-18 month time ?, i said yes, she told me her name was keonbria vinson and asked what was my home phone number to check what i have won so i told her she asked me my name and if i was to go on holliday who would i take i said my family, husband 5 kids and she ask there ages, she asked me when was the last time ive been on holiday i said 7 years. what do i fine easyer to use when on holliday visa, master card or...

Tropical Grand Vacations - Florida, Longwood / Travel Scam


I was rang by this compant selling travel packages. When I hung up I googled them and was made aware of the potential scam. I then rang my financial institution to stop payment but it already had gone through. After contacting Tropical Vacations I was told to wait for the package to arrive which I then sent back and have still not received a refund. The original point of contact was on the 14th June. They do not answer e-mails or the phone. I have exhausted lots of avenues with no luck!!

Tropical Grand Vacations - Arizona / Fake holiday /Money instead prize


One morning in June this year whilst on duty I received a n unsolicited call on my mobile from Tracy *smiling* Reed saying Dont put the phone down you have won a fantastic prize. I asked her how she got my number but she continued on about the free holiday I had won for myself and up to 4 friends/family. I immediately asked her if they were paying for the call or whether after the call Id find I had. She described *my prize* as 5days- 4nights at the Calypso Cay hotel in Orlando Florida which she added was a 5 star hotel! the prize also included 2 unlimited hopper passes to Universal studio...

Tropical Grand Vacations - England, Hampshire / Free holiday to Orlando


I had a random call to my home number today informing me that I have won a holiday to Orlando for 5 days and Fort Lauderdale for 3 days. I was told the discounted price and given a website to look at. I was then passed onto a Supervisor for verification. She wanted me to pay £498.00 on my credit card and then she would send me a package detailing the holiday. I told her I wanted to discuss it with my husband. She basically accused me of not being able to make a decision on my own! How rude! She then dropped the price to £390.00. I told her that even if she dropped the price to...

Tropical Grand Vacations - Florida / Fake holiday offer scam


I received a phone call on May 18, 2008 from Tiffane Jordan of Tropical Grand Vacations, USA offering me an 11 day holiday for 4 in Orlando & Daytona, Florida to be taken within the next l8 months. It was transferable & expendable with no restrictions. It sounded too good to refuse, so I gave my credit card details knowing there was a 30 day cool-off period. The following day, I decided not to go ahead with the deal so tried ringing the number they provided for 2 days. It does not exist in the USA. Its a Northern Ireland number. The internet address given to me does not exist. I googled TGV...

Tropical Grand Vacations / A professional holiday scam


Holiday scam - they gave the name tropical grand vacations and also gave us the site www.Calypso. Com to view. My husband answer the phone whilst i was out to a very polite but persistant person (Mary) advising about a holiday that we could take to calypso kay resort orlando, also visiting daytona beach and fort lauderdale. There would be a 60-90 minute preview where a buffet brunch would be provided. All we would have to do is pay for our flights and a one-off fee for two adults and two children of £498. He said we couldnt afford it so they said that he could pay half now, which unfortunatley...

Tropical Grand Vacations / Holiday Offer


I also received a phone call congratulating me on winning a holiday for 14 days consisting of stay overs in Orlando and Florida. The offer was to good to refuse as my son had just recently moved to america it would have been nice to visit him. My credit card details were given the money was taken and that has been the last I have heard from it. This was two months ago.

Tropical Grand Vacations - Florida, Longwood / Holiday offer scam


Company called me in Australia on home phone offering deal. I unfortunately gave them my credit card details and they charged my card. It was supposed to be towards accommodation in Florida. Company does not answer phone calls and larger amount was charged to my card. ACCC in Australia said that web site was registered in Arizonia. This scam was supposed to be $349 and could of easily of been more. How many other people have they tricked. Please follow this up and please contact me if this is the wrong organization to handle this.