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Triple R Diesel Complaints & Reviews

Triple R Diesel - Texas, Atascosa / A Truck on their website


Triple R Diesel/Texas Chrome Shop United States Texas Atascosa New My husband and I stopped by to check out their facilities. Our truck was customized and custom fabricated by another truck outfit not them. We werent impressed so when we left we noticed one of the guys taking pictures of our truck and really didnt think anything of it until a couple weeks later a friend of mine came across their websites inventory and our truck was on their website with a SOLD sign and all the spec's of the truck stating they did ALL the work!!! I couldnt believe what I was reading!!! they did a custom...

Triple R Diesel - Texas, Altacosa / Deceptive Practices


Posted a complaint here a year ago and Raul JR has spent his whole time trying to have it removed. First of all Triple R Diesel stands for Repair-Repair-Repair. These are the most deceptive people I have ever dealt with. Not only did everything they touch I had to replace or rebuild. They told me the Tranni was newly rebuilt. LOL it had broken teeth in it but no broken gears??? I rebuilt it. They sold me a truck with 760000 +- miles. When I had trouble with the engine six months later and ran a warranty report on it, it actually had 1.200000 + miles on it. 400000 mile difference in what they...