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Trident Roofing Company Complaints & Reviews

Trident Roofing Company - Texas, Houston / overcharged


Avoid this company at all costs. Numerous complaints have come from Plano, Austin, and Houston. My roof still leaks after their work. I don't think they know how to install a roof. My husband has been ill since the problems have occured and they will not come back out to fix it. They say that the roof leaks because the house is old. My neighbor has patched it for us. Our money was wasted with Trindent Roof Company.

Trident Roofing Company - Texas, Houston / Bad customer service


I would not recommend this company to anyone. They did a very poor job for me. Trident delayed my roofing job for over three months and then charged me more than what I was promised. The salesman, sales manager, and company owner were rude and unprofessional. I was harassed and threatened with a lawsuit. They took unused roofing materials which I was charged for without my written permission. Do yourself a favor and avoid doing business with this company.