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Tracker Inventory Specialists Complaints & Reviews

Tracker Inventory Specialists / Inventory count

Jan 19, 2017

Bad counting. Shane and young kids come to my store and did not count properly. Very unprofessional and acted mad when I asked him to recount the mistakes. He over charged me and wont return phone calls now. I also saw one of his staff stealing cigarettes in the backroom. I google his address on the inventory report and found out it is not a real company or office. I google his phone number [protected] and find out he also does some kind of mortgages and sells sunglasses for a living. He appears to not be a real inventory count company . Stay away. I have called a lawyer to go after him now.

Tracker Inventory Specialists / Inventory count

Jan 09, 2017

This guy shane does inventory count very bad. He count my store in hamilton and cheated me. He is not worthy of being hired. He took bribe from seller to increase inventory level to cheat me out of money. Now he does not call me back. I report him to police who are now investigating him. He acts friendly and smiles, but is really just cheating people. Do not hire him for inventory count. Read other bad reviews about him too.