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Touch O Katz - Kimberly Benson Complaints & Reviews

Touch O Katz - Kimberly Benson / Egyptian mau kitten

Apr 05, 2017

I just want to start off by saying I love my kitten... However I am extremely disappointed with the poor quality of health she was in when I received her. The first day she was home in mid february, I noticed she had a black tar-like substance in her ears. I immediately took her to my vet, who proceeded to tell me it looked like she had a raging ear infection and possibly even ear mites. She told me that it appeared as though her ears were hastily cleaned in an attempt to cover up the underlying infection. She was also positive for herpes. Putting a kitten on a plane with an ear infection i...

Touch O Katz - Kimberly Benson / Egyptian mau kitten

Mar 22, 2017

We wanted to purchase an Egyptian Mau kitten. Kimberly Benson requested a $ 400 deposit via paypal. The cattery is located in Hamilton, Kansas. We live in the New England area. Kimberly promised the kitten will be delivered by a steward from a commercial airline. She sent pictures of the kitten, now we believe they are old pictures and she does not have any kittens at all. Right before the delivery day she said the kitten was sick and needed veterinary care. She offered to replace the kitten or to refund the $ 400 deposit. We chose to receive our money back. She has not refunded our deposit, we have sent multiple messages to no avail. We just hope people read the message an avoid to lose their money.