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Top Dog Bloodhounds Complaints & Reviews

Top Dog Bloodhounds / puppy sales

Apr 16, 2019

I bought a black and tan puppy from this puppy mill claiming to be a respectable breeder. My dog has had numerous health issues that my vet says are due to poor breeding. We have spent thousands of dollars every year to keep our beloved dog as comfortable as possible. Please do not purchase anything from tammie christopher... Even as much as a bag of dogfood!!! She is a liar and crook!

Top Dog Bloodhounds - Arkansas, Waldron / condition of dogs being sold

May 23, 2012

I didn't see all of the complaints about top dog bloodhounds until it was too late. I hope that anyone else wishing to buy a dog sees all of these posts and stays away from this breeder. Here is my dealings with tammie christopher or what ever name she is using at this time from top dog bloodhounds. On january 1, 2012, while still deployed to afghanistan I began my search for the bloodhound I had waited 5 years to purchase due to military deployments. I searched for bloodhound breeders online and found an ad for tammie’s ultimate brighton design a 4 year old well socialized...

Top Dog Bloodhounds - Tennessee, Memphis / breeding defective dogs


Hi shawni. I read your complaint on tammie chrisopher, owner of top dog bloodhounds. I also read her response, not only on this website but on another one as well. She stated that she had to put the mother of your puppy down due to being a carrier of demodectic mange. I bought my puppy from her on june 17, 2009. A few weeks ago I noticed a few bald spots on his head and legs. I took him to the vet yesterday and turns out he has demodectic mange, which is hereditary. I spoke to tammie through email telling her I believe my puppy has this disease. She said "non of my dogs here have demodex nor...

Top Dog Bloodhounds - Arkansas, Waldron / unpapered puppy


I am sad to say that, like many americans looking for a 'best friend', I was taken advantage of by a dog breeder. I was looking for a companion for my bloodhound bloo, in hopes that one day, I would be able to begin my dream, as a dog breeder and rescuer! All of my dogs in the past have been rescues, with the exception of my current two bloo and our girl daisy. The only reason I did not look for rescues this time was because I knew I wanted to breed them. When bloo was 8 months old, I found top dog bloodhounds, and there I came in contact with tammie christopher, owner. She said she had a...