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Top Bridal Dresses Complaints & Reviews

Top Bridal Dresses / Gowns are not authentic


The gowns are knock-offs, and horribly recreated at that. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! I ordered a supposed Bari Jay gown from them, it looked nothing like what I ordered, they sent it in the wrong color, it was too short, the list goes on. I called them and Sara, the customer service rep., admitted they designed them to look at least 90% like the originals, which is a generous number considering what they sent me. She then tried to barter with me, offered to make me another gown, offered me a 50% discount, anything to keep me from getting my money back. It took a few months, but my credit card company finally removed the order from my account. Please, please, please, beware, they are the worse!

Top Bridal Dresses / Bridesmaid Dresses


7 Bridesmaid ordered dresses from Top Bridal, all of the "identical" dresses, are all made different, different material, none of them even resemble one another! What a sham of a company. DO NOT WASTE your money, you will get no where with their customer service. All they say is "we have different manufactures" Yeah because it's all made in China! And that is where the shipments get's "HELD" from DHL, The items come in crappy shipping, no labels, no receipts, nothing and not even wrapped for protection. So if DHL or somehow the package gets ripped and dirt or something gets inside...

Top Bridal Dresses - Iowa / Quality of Dress


I would highly suggest that you do not order ANYTHING bridal from this website. I ordered a bridesmaid dress from here for a recent wedding I was in. The bride picked out the style and we were on our own for ordering. I checked out the website, it seemed like a good place for ordering the dress. I entered all of my information and in about a month a recieved my dress. I had ordered a Alfred Angelo style 6555 (black long skirt, white halter with black lace around the torso) I tried the dress on when I first recieved it and everything seemed fine, there were a few spots in the lace where it wa...

Top Bridal Dresses - Iowa, Dubuque / did not receive


First of all, it might help if I give you a case number which I received when I first called to complain about this company. The number is 220091260073. It concerns an item that I ordered and paid for on March 28th, 2009. I specified delivery for the 1st of May as we needed the dress by the 10th of May. I e mailed the company on May 2nd and inquired where the dress was. To make a long story short, I emailed at least 7 or 8 times, and tried to call three times, with no answer. I finally received a number of emails saying the dress was made in the wrong size, and kept giving me different...