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Todd M Wittmann Complaints & Reviews

Todd M Wittmann / Paralegal

Oct 19, 2015

Todd M Wittmann is a disbarred attorney from Oklahoma who is a convicted felon in Texas. Wittmann has set up shop in Orem, Utah stating he is a "retired" attorney and has vast experience doing legal work. He asked for a $260.00 retainer fee (cash) stated he billed $60.00 per hour...(this does not add up in multiples of $60.00) took our money and made enormous mistakes on every item he attempted to do. He could not correctly do a motion here in Utah. Did not correctly do any civil item correctly and after 6 weeks we asked for our money back. We finally settled on the date and he then called...

Todd M Wittmann - Utah, Orem / Paralegal work

Oct 12, 2015

Todd M Wittmann has moved to Utah and is doing paralegal and investigative work from his home in Orem City Utah. He has advertised that he and (his company) Todd Wittmann Paralegal and Investigative Services) are the top company of it's kind in the USA. What Todd does not tell you is he is still doing the same things that got him disbarred in 2000 in Oklahoma, taking money by asking for a retainer, then not doing any work. But wait...that's not all of it... Todd M Wittmann has been arrested numerous times in Texas and was sentenced to 4 years in a Texas prison for armed robbery. Do your due diligence on this (man). There are many instances where you will read what is stated in this complaint is true