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Timeshare Solutions Complaints & Reviews

Timeshare Solutions - Florida / timeshare hell

Amanda Crawford called me numerous times to sell my timeshare at Krystal Cancun with them. After about the 6th call, I listed with Timeshare Solutions for $699. Clean title, no money owed or liens, etc. Listed about 4 months ago. She no longer works there, will not return messages I have left on her personel cell number. I have called customer service numerous times to check on the status of my sale. I have even dropped the asking price to any amount considered. Still no sale. CAN THERE BE ANY LEGIT TIMESHARE SELLING COMPANIES OUT THERE?

Timeshare Solutions / Bogus attempt to buy our timeshare

We paid $199.00 in Sept of 2006 for Fairfield Resales to resell our Fairfield timeshares. We never heard from them until 9 months had elapsed. We were off and on with them until they called in August of 2007 with the name now changed to Timeshare Solutions. The deal was that our timeshare would be put into a corporation buy out plan. We and 2 other couples spent another $900.00 to start the process of this sale. We have now been trying to get them by phone and all lines have been disconnected. We contacted the web site but could not find telephone numbers. If anyone else has this problem we'd like to hear from you. Does anyone have any idea how to stop these people?

Timeshare Solutions - Nevada, Las Vegas / Paid $1000.00 to buy time share

Paid $300 to start the process of selling our timeshare to a corporation that buys them for company meetings. Assured us that they had enough to meet the demand of the corporation. Then sent $700 to transfer the deed. Was assured that if the sale was not completed in 9 months a full refund would be guaranteed at 100%. Have been unable to contact this scam group by phone or e-mail.

Timeshare Solutions - Nevada, Henderson / Rip off!


Bill Elis of Timeshare Solutions called and offered to sell my timeshare for a $99 upfront fee which was returnable if he failed to sell it within one year. An additional fee was to be paid when the timeshare sold. About three months later Bill Elis called and said the timeshare was sold to Ciba and another $425 was due to handle processing. I called in February to see why I hadn't heard anything since November and was advised by a female that everything was proceeding and the sale was to take place in March. I called in April and found the mailbox for the toll free line was full. Calls to the local number (702-733-1477) resulted in a message indicating the line was disconnected.

Timeshare Solutions - Nevada, Henderson / Definite ripoff!!!

Like the rest of you, we got caught, too!!! Some minor differences in the story about the name change from Fairfield Resales to Timeshare Solutions (said Wyndham made them do it). Said they had a buyer for our Grand Desert timeshare but need to pay half the closing costs. The only time I got a call back from them was because I threatened to make my next communication with the BBB and Clark Co Sheriff's Dept to file FRAUD charges. That got a return call from Bob Downey (one of the rudest "customer service supervisor" I have ever spoken to). It's cost us a total of $699.00 with this company. If anyone ever comes up with some helpful suggestions to get these folks out of business, let us know. Thanks.

Timeshare Solutions - Nevada / Scam!

thanks to your complaint website and blog, I was "only " out my $99 that I paid over a year ago. The "very nice" salesperson Jim Bradey who later on told me to eat yourself ###, comment after I told him that I was not interested. the offer was to sell my timehare to Sprint and for me to pay half of the closing costs of $800 . Fortunately I had read your blog. I would love to be included in a lawsuit against these ripoff artists.

Timeshare Solutions / Robbed me of $799!

This company offered to sell my timeshares for Cypress Palms in FL. They charged me $799 to list my deed. They guaranteed a sale or would refund my $799. Bob Downey and Bill Elis lied to me and told me they sold my timeshare units and I would soon receive a form to sign. This has been going on for almost 6 months. They do not return my calls. They do however, still have my $799.

Timeshare Solutions - Nevada, Henderson / Ripped us off!

This company contacted us Jan 2007 to sell our timeshare. We paid the $99 to them. After the 9 month contract was over we had never heard from them, so I called. Bill Elis then said I know your contract is up, but the thing is I've sold your timeshare, but need $475 for closing costs tonight to get the deal going right away. We sold your timeshare to a company named CIBA in a group lot and you will be receiving your money by the beginning of January. I called back the middle of January, as had heard nothing, and was then called back by a Bob Downey, who was yelling at me saying...

Timeshare Solutions - Nevada, Henderson / The double RIP-OFF!

We were solicited over a year ago to let Timeshare Solutions sell our timeshare in Kissimee (Orlando) FL. The year passed with no word, and we figuered "Oh well, at least we only wasted $100. It wasnt worth chasing down. Then one day we receive a call from Bill Ellis, (one of the principals) saying that if we would apply the $100 to his current project, and give him another $499, That he would have the timeshare sold by Mar 07 2008. What suckers we are! Mar. 07 has come and gone and we have not heard a word. I would really like to see these people in prison for a long stretch. If anyone knows how, without my throwing away more $$, I would like to talk. Gene

Timeshare Solutions - Nevada, Henderson / Unauthorized charges!


I received a call from Bill Elis of Timeshare Solutions stating they took over the Fairfield Resales company and that his company was targeting owners with VIP status. He said he had a corporation buying these timeshares for their corporate use and said it would only be a one time charge of $400.00 from me, as this corporation will pay him commission. In a gullible, trusting move, I agreed to pay the fee and he promised the sale would be closed within 6 weeks of our agreement. This was August of 2006 and then the nightmare began when there was no communication from him afterwards and when I...

Timeshare Solutions - Nevada, Henderson / Scammers and ripoffs!

I was contacted by Timeshare Solutions by phone to advertise my timeshare for sale. I payed $99.00 for this around 2/2007. I was contacted by Bill Elis of Timeshare Solutions on 9/14/2007. He stated he had sold my timeshare to CIBA for $20160.00. He said that they would pay half the closing costs of $1600.00 and I would need to pay my half to get the deal sealed. I agreed but wanted it in writing so they emailed me a sheet to sign stating that I agreed to sell for $20160.00 and agreed to pay $800.00 for closing costs. I paid this with my Discover card. I was told by Bill Elis that in 30-45...

Timeshare Solutions - Nevada, Las Vegas / Terrible company!


I was contacted by Bill Elis of 'Timeshare Solutions' by phone to advertise my timeshare for sale. I payed $99.00 for this around 10May07 and stated I needed about $38,500 for my property. At 1821hrs on 10Sep07, I was contacted by Bill Elis of Timeshare Solutions. He stated he had sold my timeshare to CIBA GEIGY in a group purchase for $41,000. He said that they would pay half the closing costs of $1,600 and I would need to pay my half to get the deal sealed. After many questions to him, I agreed, but wanted it in writing so they emailed me a sheet to sign stating that I agreed to...