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Three Dads Auto Sales and Detailing Complaints & Reviews

Three Dads Auto Sales and Detailing - Massachusetts, Somerset / Treatment of customers

Nov 5, 2015

This art guy treats his customers shamefully when they have a problem or complaint with his cars. He tries to claim that it's the customers fault and they should have known better about what they were buying. And uses spiritual lingo to try to shame them. Quotes bible verses to justify his actions. Do not buy from this lemon dealer. People who do business in this unprofessional fashion should be shut down.

Three Dads Auto Sales and Detailing - Massachusetts, Somerset / Stolen Money and Lemon Cars


3 Dads Auto Sales & Detailing in Somerset has terrible service and is extremely aggressive in working with women. After taking a car for a test drive and found it smoking they suggested that they would replace the oil pan and every thing would be fine. I placed a $100.00 cash deposit on the car and went home to research the problem myself. This model of car has multiple class action lawsuits against the manufacturer for the engine seizing and is essentially a LEMON car. They not only were extremely aggressive with me and degrading over then phone, but also refused to return my deposit. For a car...