The Right One Complaints & Reviews

The Right One / Stay away from this company

Feb 12, 2012

On the day i had called the customer service to complain about the service i had recieved after i paid 2500.00 for my membership, they were like not really helpful in anything but excuses. This place is a big scam. Just to take money from you and that's it. I owed 22.00 dollar balance on the account. Then they used another scam company (collection agency) called Universal Data Service to collect more money out of me. Stay away from this company!

The Right One - Utah / Dating Scam

Jul 16, 2011

STAY AWAY!!! The Right One is a scam. The short story: 1) I found The Right One through a website called only to find out that their company name was different when I showed up so I couldn't do research prior to their interview. 2) They promised me introductory rates and presented me with the options $5350 and something higher than that. I felt I negotiated well and found out later that I was ONLY scammed of $800. 3) I signed a contract and they told me that the next day someone would be calling me with referrals. 4) I cancelled my contract the next day by email when...

The Right One / Not very loving

Jul 05, 2011

The Right One is a dating service that has apparently changed their name a couple of times, now known as elove. I signed up, went on one date, realized this was a mistake, because this girl was nothing like i had requested. So i asked for a refund but they refused, saying it was past the grace period in which refunds were allowed. You would think if they truely were interested in people they would be a little more reasonable with their customers and realistic about refunds. Should have known they only cared about money when they told me how much it was going to cost, but they are very convincing in making me think i was going to meet someone i had soething in common with.

The Right One - Colorado / not true, i am getting married

Apr 02, 2011

This actually is not a complaint. I joined with The Right One Denver and I have had an amazing experience. I know that they are a franchise office, so I can only assume that most of the complaints are from a different office because I have had a fantastic experience. My matches are what I've been looking for, not all of them are perfect, but that was explained to me in some detail. I have met fantastic men and I am getting married August 5th. I recommended the service to 4 of my friends and they have all had similar experiences. I highly recommend this business and I am sad that more people do not write the good things because these people do a great job.

The Right One - Colorado, Colorado Springs / Fraud

Mar 30, 2011

When I joined at 7:30 pm one night this past January & left them a message cancelling a few hours later, they insisted that I still owed them $1, 000 for no service. I sent a certified letter the very next day & they claim that I didn't cancel within 24 hours. I recevied absolutley no service from them & they ripped me off. They then claimed that I didn't cancel until 2 days later when I tried to charge back the transaction on my credit card. The company is fraudulent & I do not recommend anyone using them.

The Right One - Nevada, Las Vegas / fruad

Mar 13, 2011

when view web sites the right one dating service would keep coming up on a pop up. the site said younger women want older men. so I filled out the questions asked. phone calls keep coming for months day after day until 10pm at night telling me how great the service was and the women who they have that want older guys and when I joined they would show me all these great photos. after so many calls and I was on medication for depresion I needed some help with life so I went in to speak with them. I told them I was on medication and was so very hurt by my ex girlfriend . I was spoken to from 5pm...

The Right One - Massachusetts, Woburn / ACCUSATION: & A form of terrorism &


This is a follow-up complaint to my previous complaint against The Right One of Woburn, Ma. charging The Right One of not performing proper and compatible matchups that I expected when I paid $1595.00 for their "services". After several refusals /negotiations to give me back 1/2 of the $1595.00' I was forced to go to Woburn District Court. The Magistrate found in favor of The Right One but in addition to the ruling against me The local director of The Right One Ann Marie IN THE COURTROOM in front of the Magistrate said : Mr. DiScipio has committed " an act of TERRORISM " because I freely put...

The Right One - Utah, Salt Lake City / Fraudulent


Warning!! Do not get involved with this busines. It is a deceptive fraudulent company. The Company, The Right One, uses very professional advertising without disclosing their name to the consumer. The ads lead you to believe they have professional, educated singles for you. After I filled out the questionnaire, an employee contacted me to schedule an appointment for a free consultation. The employee sent me an email to confirm the appointment using the name TRO. Only until I arrived at the appointment on Friday, March 5, 2010, did I ever see the Company's real name. I spent two hour...

The Right One - Colorado / The Right One can get you killed!


I've read several complaints about this company but feel it necessary to add a very real warning. Unlike most people, I was able to get a refund from this company but that is because they matched me with someone who committed a first degree murder less than two weeks after being given my telephone number. Not only is this company atrociously bad at actually matching people with compatible matches, but they don't even do adequate background checks to insure that they are not risking the lives of their members. DO NOT RISK YOUR LIFE on this service that will not work. If you really...

The Right One / Stay away


Since I had singed the contract I was told that They would deduct $1, 000.00 they deducted $500. Because I had a good relationship with the consultant. Before i was given the discount i had to sign a Statement that I would not give them "Any Bad Press". Since then I still remain angry that they use these "tactics". STAY AWAY FROM THE RIGHT ONE.

The Right One / Awful experience


In 2006, I went to small claims court to reclaim money from the Right One in Dallas, TX. Mr Ted Law, the owner, represented his organization and the court ruled against my claim because I had only given The Right One a chance to match me with three of the thirteen people promised. Mr Law, upon hearing the ruling, told the judge and myself that he would personally refund the money. He promised, if I gave him the chance to redeem the to-date ineffectual efforts to introduce me to any viable friendship or relationship candidate and he failed, he would refund my money. Three years later in 2009, when...

The Right One - Pennsylvania, King of Prussia / Fraud, Scam, Sales Pressure


After reviewing your site as well as, it is rather obvious that there is a serious problem with this company. I have fallen victem to the same scam, just like so many others. Complaint details? I concur with all of the postings that I have read as my complaints are the same. The only positive I had was dealing with Ray in the King of Prussia office. Very nice, pleasant, and helpful. However, Ray was replaced by a rude, crude, socially unacceptable "director" who was also down right nasty! My strong advise; Don't deal with these creeps. As mentioned, I concur with all...

The Right One - Massachusetts, Norwell / Misleading service

I joined The Right One after 5 hours of interviewing(at 11:30) at night on May 5th 2008. I put down $1, 500.00 and signed an agreement for a remaining balance of $4995.00. I was told if I cancelled within 72 hours, I would only owe $95.00 processing fee. I called customer service the next day to cancel (left a message) and sent a certified letter of cancellation on May 7th. The person who interviewed me called to find out why I had left a message on their recording and I told her I sent a letter to cancel and I wanted my $1, 500.00 back. She stated the "agreement" says I don't get it...

The Right One - California, San Diego / false statements


The Right One is a matchmaking service. I am a dissatisfied member. I met with their rep and asked how many available members were in my age range in the immediate area. They told me prior to signing a contract that they had numerous matching members currently available to meet that matched my desired criteria. In fact I re-asked the same question 2 more times to be sure and was assured each time that there were numerous matching members immediately available. They also indicated I could purchase an option to put my account on hold temporarily in case I wanted to continue to see a particular...

The Right One - Texas, Dallas / Fraud!

I am writing this because I feel a moral obligation to warn any potential employees or customers of The Right One about what I know. This Dallas company owned by Ted Law is a dating service that charges an estimated $500 per introduction, with memberships ranging from $500 to $15, 000. First and foremost, they make their money by keeping you SINGLE. As long as they can bamboozle you with their charm and fast talk they will continue taking your money. Second, if they were truly good at what they did and genuinely cared about helping people find the one they are looking for, it would not take 30...

The Right One - Texas, Austin / Scam and cheating!


I went to their Austin based location and was met by very nice people until you sign on the dotted line. They take your drivers license, your banking information and your credit card and go to the back to verify that you are eligible to become a member. What a lie. They offer you dating packages starting at $3,000 to $5,000 and the such for a promise of 10 matches. They tell you that the dates are not blind. They told me I would have access to hundreds of people in my area and that also was a lie. I got 3 calls and all of them did not call back once they found out I was an hour away from...

The Right One / Take money and leave without resorce!

Dating services have it made. They take our money and then provide poor service and leave us with no recourse. I signed on with their serivce to provide nine dates at a large sum. I told them my specific criteria and also that another service would not take my money as they did not have enough quality dates in my age range. They assured me that they did. The first three dates were older than I set for my limit, out of my income criteria, and in my profession that I clearly stated I did not want to date. In the end the mangaer told me that I needed to broaden my age requirements as I was not...