The Limited Complaints & Reviews

The Limited / Bad Customer Service

Nov 11, 2014

I ordered 2 skirts, size 6. I found out I needed a 4, so I mailed them back for an exchange and then received my 4s. I decided to return the 4s because they were also too big. I did not have a return label in my package. I found I could print a new one online. Now the question was, what is my order number? Was it the same # from when I ordered the 6, or did the 4 have a new order #? I emailed Customer Service to ask. They responded with a generic "Thank you for your question regarding order #__(a totally random number here, not the one I referred to)___. To return a package, put the label on the...

The Limited / Erroneous Billing

Nov 13, 2013

I am totally disappointed and at this point have lost all patience with my entire experience with the I attempted to order slacks from your Friends & Family sale, I put 3 pairs of slacks into a shopping cart and proceeded to check out. Attached below is a screenshot of the items I was attempting to purchase on 11/8/2013. After entering my shipping, billing & credit card information, I received an error stating my credit card number was invalid, I repeated this step again after receiving the message again the third time, I figured I should check my bank account and sure enough I...

The Limited / Horrendous service and miscommunication

Oct 03, 2011

I am based in the UK and I ordered four dresses for my bridesmaids from Initially, the transaction would not go through so I called the customer services team and asked them to try on both of my cards, which had more than sufficent funds to cover the cost of the order. Two dats later, I received a phone call from my bank's fraud detection team to say that several transaction attempts had been made on both my cards - The limited had tried to take the payment 7 times from me and my balance was unavailable as a result. Having blocked one payment, I had to pay to arrange an...

The Limited / online MISTAKE


I ordered 6 items however only 2 items were delivered. The two items were the wrong size and totally different style of clothing. I want to return these items ASAP and get the items that I had originally ordered. The customer service representative T***** said that this order needs to be approved by K** the manager and also by the corporate office. I would not have an answer until 3 days later. I spent $150 at limited for this order and you are going to treat me like this? I want this resolved ASAP. I also want compensation for the time I spent talking to your company for your mistake!

The Limited - Maryland, Gaithersburg / Demaged pants sold

I've never been so disappointed and mad at a clothing store, which is unfortunately The Limited, one of my favorite. Too many things in one time: 1. Ignoring cashier: I went to The Limited store at the Lakeforest Mall in Maryland on Saturday afternoon (12/01/07 4:50pm). When I checked out, there's only one cashier, who is handling a customer exchange right in front of me. And I waited, waited, waited, and she never thought of asking a back up cashier to solve the long line after me. 2. Another ignoring cashier: When I stepped out of the store. The security alarm rang, because the...

The Limited / Clothes falling apart


Two months ago I spent over 500 dollars at this store, already 2 pairs of pants have been repaired, one with the hem missing and the other with the hem missing and the rear coming apart. A blouse is tearing apart on the sleeves where they have put pleating with no way to fix it. these items where made in china I have tried calling the 8oo number that the limited website has with no satisfaction. I will spend no more money at this store or any limited store.