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The Heritage at Hooper Hill Complaints & Reviews

The Heritage at Hooper Hill - Texas / WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!!!


DON'T MOVE HERE!!! IT'S AWFUL! Where do I begin???? 1. The staff is so unprofessional I don't know how they stay in business!!! I never get any notifications, Lisa Marie calls my work looking for me (I'm not allowed to have my phone on at work, and not allowed to take calls... and one call would be okay, but all throughout the day? Come on!!), and when I ask for receipt for my rent they never give it to me... and now they are accusing me of not paying my rent. NOT TRUE! If I had a receipt to prove it I would, but you never gave me one!!! Then they sent me a bill will all...

The Heritage at Hooper Hill - Texas, Conroe / Beware before you move in or out!


I know that this is my fault, but I feel that I should let everybody else know so that they do not fall for the same deal. In the lease that we have all signed to live in these "Luxury Apartments" it states that you must give a 60-day notice to move out. This is double to industry standard of 30-day notice. The Heritage is nice enough though to send out some nice reminders that your lease is going to run out and that you either need to renew, or give your notice. However, the reminder does not come out before you are already inside your 60-day window. For example, I did not get my notice until...