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The Green Millionaire Complaints & Reviews

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The Green Millionaire / Scam artists

Dave Silver on Nov 7, 2011
THE GREEN MILLIONAIRE - Nigel Williams or FREE MONEY-Matthew Lesko these guys like all the other scam crap on late night informercials or scamercials, are making big bucks off peoples hope, they sell to the consumer who is looking for hope, that is the way it works - so what if it is a scam, even if the scam is found out - these pros have made their money. WHAT CAN YOU DO? sue them for $50 or $100 bucks? Do not go after them! Go after the REAL scam artist... YOUR CABLE OR STATION PROVIDER - THE SCAM ARTISTS ENABLER... You are paying your hard earned money for cable TV - not so you can get...

The Green Millionaire - Michigan / free book scam

I ordered the free book (supposedly)after watching the commercial. I thought i was only paying the dollar something for shipping. but some how they manage to sell you some magazine subscriptions that you don't click on or agree to. i had a charge of 89.95 show up on my debit card, i called the 877-213-8238 customer service and the best they can do is refund half your money because the two week free trial expired only because the charge doesn't show up until the (free trial) is expired. what a scam if they told you, you were buying mag subscriptions nobody would give them a dime so they have to scam people out of their hard earned money. DO NOT DEAL WITH GREEN MILLIONAIRE ITS A SCAM!!!

The Green Millionaire - New Hampshire / scam

I signed up for the "FREE" book The Green Millionaire " A Practicle Guide To Achieving Real Wealth While Helping To Save The Planet". Well, it's easy to see who is making the "real" wealth and it's NOT me! I ended up getting charged $1.99 for shipping & handling so, I submitted my card info. The next thing I know, I got charged $89.95 for an e-magazine that I knew nothing about. I guess you need to read EVERYTHING that comes with the book! If you don't call within 14 days to not suscribe to their online newsletter, you get charged $89.95 per year for it and it'...

The Green Millionaire / Unauthorized Visa charge

On 24 July 2010, I ordered the Green Millionaire guide for $1.95. I called back on 3 August 2010 and cancelled the program, but on 11 August 2010, I noticed that I was still getting emails from them. There is no unsubscribe link in their emails, instead you have to call their 877-213-8502 number, get a RUDE customer (dis)service rep who thinks she can talk to you however she wishes and that you won't say anything back. Later that day, I found a charge from them for $89.95 on my Visa card. An unauthorized charge since I had called on 3 August to cancel. I called them again, got a different...

The Green Millionaire - North Carolina / credit card charges

This website says for&1.95s&h you will recieve a book full of ways to save money. Well, it's not worth that much!And, if you do not look carefully they will charge your card $89.95 if you do not call them in so many days to cancel. This should be on the first page to see before you enter card info.If you do not call, you will not get money back!The company says all sales are final, because I tried to let them know I wasn't aware of other charges.

The Green Millionaire - California, San Francisco / unauthorized charges

when i ordered the 1.95 so called free book, i did not get any info on a trail basis, i was charged 29.95 that was Unauthorized i did not no that i was on a trail period, till i called there office, They could have sent me an email to let me know i was on a trail period and i was to be charged, In my opinion Nigel J Williams set up this company to make his self rich through lies and greed, if this is not true why did his company not offer me a refund,

The Green Millionaire - Illinois, Peoria / unauthorized charges of $8995

I ordered a booklet that was free except for S&H charges which was OK. The information was useless but I asked for that book. Then I got charged $89.95 for what I was told was a "magazine subscription" that I never asked for or new about. When I called the company I was told that I agreed to it as part of the deal. I never agreed to anything and who would agree to pay $89.95 for a magazine. I was told that they could only "OFFER" me a credit of $44.50 and I still get the magazine.

The Green Millionaire - California, San Francisco / 29.95

If u want your money back, cancel your card(lost or stolen) if they already charged you, call them n tell them your filing a class action lawsuit, filing complaints to the B.B.B., the FTC, and the Attorney General. I did this and got my money back. I still did files numerous complaints to the above because they are ripping so many people off. Beware of free trials. DON'T give out your bank card #.This is a big scam! Green Millionaire # is 877-213-8238

The Green Millionaire - California, San Francisco / $29.95

I ordered a pamplet on t.v. for $2.98 for the green millionaire. They are seen on CNN, NBC, and other famous channels. I gave them my check card # ( BIG MISTAKE) and now they have taken out of my bank $29.95 without my permission, and now I hear they will continue to take this amount out every 2 months. Also they NEVER told me, they will e-mail me a book that cost $1.98 every week or month. If they are an upright Company they would admit their mistake and refund my money back into my account.I WANT my money back, that they stole from me.They are ripping people off with their scam.
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