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The Dweebs Complaints & Reviews

The Dweebs / Steal Money

Apr 19, 2014

The Dweebs and Michael Blue Productions is not only a terrible business company, but they are terrible people. In their contract of sorts they still get paid no matter the weather, if they show up for time or not. They might show up but won't perform despite uncontrollable elements even under cover. It's really unfortunate the dweebs take advantage of small companies and local events. Not only is Michael Blue Productions the apart of the band he is a sketchy character in the way he makes deals along with Trevor Radtke. I say stay far away from The Dweebs Band and go with another...

The Dweebs / Scam Money

Apr 10, 2014

Not only do The Dweebs fail to deliver payments, they completely disagree they owe you money, despite you putting your time and effort into working with them exclusively. They seemed like a nice family oriented band that worked together well, but if they can think of an excuse to get your money, they will. They don't have to play if the weather is bad and still get to keep their payment. But they also rip off photographers and video people, failing to pay them without even seeing the final product. I would say steer clear as they will take your money and run and if you do hire them, use a contract with no exceptions for them to steal your time and money.