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The Cochran Firm Complaints & Reviews

The Cochran Firm / Bankruptcy Lawyer

Oct 20, 2015

This firm is unprofessional, lacks courtesy, empathy, customer service, experience and unorganized a raggedy firm by far they have made payments impossible which was the point of the bankruptcy to begin with they have caused multiple resets for the 341 meetings and threaten to have my case dismissed after wasting my money and several hours of time because of a simple issue of me not bringing my social security card on the last reset date which is the dumbest excuse possible! The trustee told them to contact her in 24 hours and file a motion. The dumb 5 year experience rookie attorney N.Stanton...

The Cochran Firm - New York, New York / would not take case

May 20, 2013

I believed their advertisement that they would help you if no one else would. They didn't even listen, The legal aid called and said they could not take my case at this time. My time was running out but I know they didn't want to bother. I think all the lawyers stick together and when one doesn't take you case, they know about it and they turn you down to. I had a legal case of lat diagnosis of breast cancer which was completely overlooked by doctor until I mentioned to him that I had surgeons check my lump while in hospital and he never told me about the results until I told...

The Cochran Firm / Total dissatisfaction


See One of the largest "single" plaintiffs law firm in America w/ 26 locations -- but only when folks want to contract with the firm. Sue this firm, and it breaks into separate law firms, claiming total disassociation. The firm's advertised Atlanta office even has the clout to have itself declared NONEXISTENT under its advertised identity in court, and is allowed to present itself to the public as a State-registered P.C. (professional corporation) without actually being a registered corp. in Georgia. Strange.

The Cochran Firm / Bad service


This firm has nothing to do with Johnny Cochran. A man named Vincent Imhoff bought the Cochran name and is using it to beneft their firm. They sub contracted a NYC attorney who was not suitable, or even experienced, in my area of the law neeed to defend my case & also nearly put my wellbeing in jeopardy. When I contacted my case manager to ask him questions, he would NEVER return my calls. Please beware of this firm. They use the good name of Cochran to bait clients in & take your money only to sub-contract unqualified lawyers to cases. They DO NOT have your best intesrest at heart