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The Canadian Dog Whisperer / obedience

Apr 01, 2018

Three years ago, I adopted a dog that had a lot of behavioral issues. I have never had a dog that was a lunatic in the car, crazy around anything with a motor such as a lawnmower, vacuum cleaner etc. A nutter about reflections So, I thought I would enlist the Canadian dog whisperer. What a giant mistake and a big waste of money. All he did was talk on the inital visit. Everything he said to me, I have read on the internet, and I have learned from the true dog whisperer, Cesar Millan. He should take some lessons from him. What I needed was guidance on how to change my dog's behaviour. I should...

The Canadian Dog Whisperer / dog training

Nov 21, 2017

Regarding Bruce Warrington: I read the above negative comments regarding Bruce's method of helping us with our Cocker Spaniel who was getting more and more aggressive with people and all other animals, especially dogs. When I spoke to Bruce about my concern of him being aggressive with our dog he told me that if we were uncomfortable in any way, right up to the last minute that he was in our home, he would leave and not charge us anything. In the end that guarantee on his part was of no risk; he was unbelievably calm, quiet and had zero aggression in any way. The result was that he balanced...

The Canadian Dog Whisperer / dog training

Apr 08, 2011

I have a 10 month male Victorian X English Bulldog and a 3 year old female Great Dane X Golden Retriever both I have had since pups. Lately the bulldog started to nip and jump while I was taking him out, and the kids were playing. I have 4 small kids so I needed to stop this in it's tracks before this escalated to the point of having to give him up. So we enlisted the services of The Canadian Dog Whisperer ( owned and operated by a fellow named Bruce Warrington. He convinced us his skills and techniques are superior to that of a regular trainer and results are...