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The Allied Network Complaints & Reviews

The Allied Network - Ontario, North York / The Allied Network is a HORRIBLE company


The Allied Network dating agency is a HORRIBLE COMPANY!!! They scammed me completely; I'm now out thousands and they gave me horrible service. The Allied Network should be out of business now that I've found all of these complaints from other upset customers; how does this company stay in business???? Disgusting behaviour from them. I was vulnerable when I went in, and it was a horrible experience right from the get go. I am disgusted that I could have been so blatantly lied to and taken advantage of. Do the people working there have no heart? The Allied Network is a terrible excuse...

The Allied Network - Ontario, Toronto / The Allied Network is a SCAM; BEWARE


The Allied Network dating service is horrible scam that should be brought to light for it's predatory practices. The Allied Network took advantage of me, and I am still in shock about how they could be so disgusting. I am an ordinary person, and I guess I wasn't thinking clearly, I've had a touch of desperation after my wife died of cancer. After over a year I've been hurting still but I've also been scared I'd never meet anyone else with my children and all, and how do you meet someone at this age? I just don't know how I suppose, but I'll have to...

The Allied Network - Ontario, Toronto / The Allied Network is a SCAM


The Allied NEtwork is a ### sucking, money grubbing, lying cheating company. My friends father who is a widow and older, went to the Allied Network for dating because he didn't know how to meet someone else after his wife died. Without telling anyone because he was embarassed. They bilked the poor man for $5000, and he had to call them to beg them for a date after this; they kept using stalling tactics, and said there was no one for him after when he went in they promised him a ton of women his age who would date him. The Allied Network is a pathetic company and there are a ton of complaints from other burned people online. The Allied Network sucks.

The Allied Network - Ontario, Toronto / The Allied Network Complaint


The Allied Network is NOT a Christian dating service; I told them that I wanted someone who is a practicing Christian as they advertised themselves and then when it came to the service, none of the men they introduced me to were anywhere near practicing Christians. I had to add this to the truth of their service, again, the Allied NEtwork seems like a terrible scam and they should be ashamed of themselves.

The Allied Network - Ontario, Toronto / The Allied Network Complaint A Dating Fraud


My friend and I went to The Allied Network for dating and matchmaking help and were sold a fraudulent service and contract. They smooth talk you and then the Allied Network contract is full of loopholes so they can say, sorry, that 'date' (that is nothing like they described or promised you) counts. Don't complain that you didn't get what you paid for and what we sold you, your loss. They don't seem to care at all; they just wanted to legally and technically stick to their contract in keeping my money - I was literally yelled at by their unprofessional manager and...

The Allied Network - Ontario, Toronto / A Bad Company


I am SO angry!! I gave it until this week; 3 chances after all of the promises. Well, enough is enough; they've proved themselves to be a terrible company and a sham making empty promises. Brutal. I paid close to $5000 for nothing. Now, drained financially and emotionally, I just want my money back.!!! They didn't deliver what they promised, not even close. And I really only asked for the basics, reasonable requests, really. Well, I got set up with an alcoholic, and then a smoker - I'm a non smoker who asked for a non smoker. This isn't brain surgery. I have no idea how...

The Allied Network - Ontario, Toronto / poor service/scam complaint


Wow, am I ever glad to have a venue to voice my complaint about The Allied Network. It seems as though there are many people who also feel they have been scammed by this terrible dating company. They really promised me so much, and after the contract was signed, and my very high fee went through, I couldn't get any of the service that they seemed to promise. I tried to go in to see the salesperson again, and could never get an appointment with her. And I actually couldn't get back into the building!!! Talk about a scam. The first date that they set me up with was so far from what I...