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THD MET team Complaints & Reviews

THD MET team - California / Management/Associate Relations

Feb 17, 2011

I was recently in a Home Depot Store located in Southern California and overheard an employee being yelled at unprofessionally by what appeared to be the employees manager or someone above this person. The altercation took place on an aisle next to the one I was on and I was able to over here the language that the person was using against the employee. I was wondering if there was someone that would be able to give me information about reporting a situation to someone that is above the person I saw doing this. After the employee was done being scolded by the Home Depot worker that was yelling...

THD MET team - Arkansas, northern AR southern MO / pre-selecting interviewies


Friend of mine was interviewing for a job. He was against 3 other people. One was his daughter-in-law. They were interviewing for a job as the Merchandising Execution Team store supervisor in store 1410 in Mt. Home, AR. Even though he was obviously more qualified than any one else interviewing he did not get the job. I dont know if he was not selected b/c he had been very sick and had been out of work for over a third of the year, or if they are guilty of ageism(which is not selecting applicant b/c of his or her age.) Home Depot has been guilty in the past of pre-selecting applicants (i know...