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Telefund, INC Complaints & Reviews

Telefund, INC / Constant harassing phone calls

Mar 26, 2012

I am getting tired of being called two or three times a day on behalf of the DNC. While I support the DNC, get tired of constant phone calls and solicitation on their behalf. Besides, I don't know how much of my donation goes to telefund and how much to the DNC. I would much rather give money directly to the candidate of my choice. Please stop calling all the time!

Telefund, INC / Should be shut down

Mar 08, 2012

We sometimes get multiple calls a day at home. We are registered with the "Do not call" list. Even if Telefund is presently exempt from the rules, this should change. If there is no legal remedy available, we should at least make their efforts unproductive. Find out who is behind this harassment, and then call them all the time and see how they like it.

Telefund, INC / I will never donate to another charity that they represent

Mar 06, 2012

On and off for the past 2 years Telefund has called my house anywhere from 4 to 8 times a day. I have repeatedly asked them to stop, and my requests are answered by even more calls. Today at around 3:330, after they had already called 3 times I asked them again to remove my number from their calling list. Instead, they called my house 3 more times in the next hour and a half. Thanks to Telefund, I will never donate to another charity that they represent, not that telling Telefund that would do any good.

Telefund, INC / Boycott Telefund clients

Feb 24, 2012

They call repeatedly. I used to ignore their calls but they wouldn't stop, and hearing the phone ringing all the time interrupted my work too much. Then I began to answer and to tell them to take my phone number off their list. Some of the callers said "Yeah, " but I would get the calls again soon after. Some of them even argued with me. These people don't care. The organizations that hire Telefund need to know that they will lose donations if they continue to use Telefund's "services". During a recent call from Telefund on behalf of Earth Justice, I told the caller that Earth...

Telefund, INC / Stay away from this company

Feb 01, 2012

I am received multiple daily calls from Telefund, Inc. Like a number of other folks, I am on the Do Not Call Registry. This is especially frustrating as we have had a death in the family and have illness issues. Is there any way to stop these calls. It has been going on for months and seems to be getting worse with more daily calls within just a very short period of time (less than 2 hours).

Telefund, INC / Calls coming day & night for a month

Dec 22, 2011

The calls have been coming for at least a month, I started taking note of them and their consistent annoyance at that time. I do have caller ID and don't answer, but they leave voice mail partials which I have to take off. I was hoping by never answering, the blasted calls would end. Naive... Now that the election is over, believed the calls would stop - what insanity that was! Other political fundraisers have ceased calling, but not Telefund. What's wrong with these people? Why would anyone ever want to support them other than to turn them in for harassment?? What sort of warped business plan are they marching to - How angry can we make the American public and get away with it?