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Tech Support Mart Complaints & Reviews

Tech Support Mart - England, Greater London / Scam Fake Do not use

May 17, 2013

I have just been completely conned by this company. I am shocked and disgusted that they exist and find their approach dishonest and most importantly fraudulent, DO NOT USE TECH SUPPORT THEY ARE FRAUDSTERS. I called them at a extremely vulnerable point in time - my child was sick and I needed to fix an email problem on my computer to receive a email from a specialist doctor. I could not send or receive and initially thought I was calling a GOOGLE MAIL SUPPORT TELEPHONE NUMBER. Sadly i was put through to them and even after checking several times they confirmed that they worked for Google. They kept...

Tech Support Mart - Scotland, Strathclyde, Glasgow / BUNCH OF SCAMMERS

Apr 10, 2012

I cannot believe that I was just about to be scammed today. I called them on their 0800 number because I had a problem with my email. They said I have a virus and they showed me hackers which were around 7 of them. How on earth can i have a virus on my computer when the scan shows 'no infection found'? I took it to PC World and they told me all about this scam. They just wanted a slice of my hard earned money. I am pretty sure that these people are based in India and they kept telling me that they were based somewhere in US. I could hear a lot of people speaking in the background in their own language which was not English or Spanish. Bunch of SCAMMERS !