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Team One Promotions / Kirby Vacuum Complaints & Reviews

Team One Promotions / Kirby Vacuum - Kansas, Topeka / Property Damage


This company represents Kirby Vacuum company and sends teams from Kansas all over surrounding states for weekends where sales teams canvas neighborhoods offering a free carpet cleaning. They send one person about 20 minutes ahead of the presentation team to lure you into letting them in your house. Then they put on an endless presentation of the Kirby vacuum. In my case, they never even cleaned the spot on my carpet that was the reason for me letting them in the house. The reason? During the presentation of showing how well the Kirby removes dust from mattresses, the sales rep removed my top...

Team One Promotions / Kirby Vacuum - Kansas, Topeka / Sales scam!


I purchased a Kirby Vacuum cleaner from Team One Promotions, after a HIGH PRESSURE sales deal. In less than 4 hours, I notified them to cancel the transaction after reading numerous complaints on the internet. They picked up the vacuum cleaner and I stopped payment on the check, however, they continue to sue me for the vacuum cleaner that I no longer have. I canceled the contract within the THREE business day limit and they are harassing me and jeopardizing my credit to recoup this $$ - they're unprofessional and crooked. Buyer Beware!!!