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TBS Complaints & Reviews

TBS / full frontal with samantha bee

Apr 16, 2019

This show is completely inappropriate and vulgar. I am sick to death of having to change the channel when her vulgar commercials come on and I will NOT watch her nasty show. She is giving women on television a bad name. She denounces our President, our Christmas and every other holidays. Now this has got to STOP! Cancel her show!! No one likes her in my town!!

TBS / tv show full frontal with samantha bee

Apr 03, 2019

Ok I do not think it's appropriate or right to be making fun of the President of the United States of America at all or even call yourself an American I find it 100% disrespectful and rude and to even allow this on air for people to watch is wrong Samantha is a [censored] idiot for doing so and should be Black listed I mean look what happened to the Dixie Chicks comments about Bush and they were black listed I vote to cancel her show because I find it offensive that TBS would allow such slang against President Trump I understand not all like him but he is still our president

TBS / full frontal with samantha bee

Jun 03, 2018

As a woman, I am disgusted and deeply offended that TBS clearly advocates for the use of the C-word to describe women. The fact that a woman said the word against another woman, is even worse. We have blocked the channel from all of our home televisions and contacted our service provider that we will be cancelling our contract unless they drop TBS or TBS fires all of the parties involved. We also contacted TBS. The C-word is the most offensive word to a woman. It is unforgiveable - particularly, when it was previously approved by a network and producers. TBS - you are a disgrace. Samantha Bee - I...

TBS - Florida, Boynton Beach / samantha b - list vile potty mouth

Jun 01, 2018

Sam b list should be fired and her show cancelled! She used the most sexist word and even implied incest concerning the presidents daughter!! Her apology was totally insincere and she never apologized for using the word "[censored]"!! Tbs we demand you fire her and cancel that vile show!! There is a double standard here - what would tbs have done if sam b list said that about the obama girls or the clinton daughter!! Tbs - take note - we the silent majority who put president trump in office will boycott tbs until tbs does the right thing and fires sam b list and cancels that vile show! We will...

TBS - Alaska, Anchorage / full frontal with samantha b

May 31, 2018

I get it's a show that supposed to push the envelope as far as views go. But I will not support a network that will allow their employee to use such off color language toward another women. As a women myself we have come a long way and still have a way to go and to be putting each other down based on different political views is sickening and just as bad as all the hate promoted in the world right now I overall liked some I've the content on your network but until you take Samantha B off the air I will not be watching.