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Tax Masters Complaints & Reviews

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Tax Masters - Washington / They STOLE $4650.00 from me

rperrinj on Mar 5, 2013
I'll try to be brief. I contacted Tax Masters to assist me with a tax issue. They requested $4850.00 from me to get started & to get settle with the IRS. They did nothing except get themselves listed as my agent with the IRS, so I received no communication from them or the IRS. The IRS came calling at my bank account, my tax returns & my salary. They did NOTHING. Sure like to get some of my money back

Tax Masters - Texas, Houston / Representation Lacked Integrity

S. Harrison on Aug 29, 2012
I too have been a victim of Tax Masters to the tune of $2, 800.00 to assist in an IRS audit. Since around April 2008, I have been hounded by IRS auditors, letters, threats, garnishments/levy, and ended up cashing in my retirement to pay off the blood sucking IRS. Cory McAlister was my point of contact with the company and Keith Cothroll appointed my case worker for most of the duration. Others were also working on my case in the beginning. I now see that Tax Masters, Inc. has filed bankruptcy in April 2012, and I have been notified that I may have a claim against Tax Masters, Inc. I know that...

Tax Masters - Texas, Houston / Taking money and doing nothing

Mike Green126 on Apr 4, 2012
They had me pay $3, 500.00 on t6he promiss that they would file past taxes and help me to enter an agreement sith the IRS. They began almost 8 months earlier taking money from my bank account without a signed agreement. I called them back and they had not even started to handle my case nor advise me of the next step. In mid 2011 they said they were going to be more expensive and when I reveived their new billing schedule, I had made one more payment and then cancelled my agreement with them. Since they did nothing, I asked for my money back via Certified Mail, Fax, and Phone. I later received...

Tax Masters / Stay far away from this company

Nigalade on Mar 12, 2012
I thought I would use Tax Masters service so I contacted them on 4/4/11 and talked with a woman about their services. She said the cost would be 2650 to start service with them. I then (big mistake!!) gave them my bank account info and they took out the 2650 + 350 to do 2011 taxes. After a week I didn't hear from anyone at the company so then I decided to do a complaint check and the complaints were a mile deep. After many calls and given the run around i contacted someone and told them I was cancelling my agreement which I sent in on 4/12/11 and cancelled on 4/13/11. I then called back...


Vincentrhoden on Oct 21, 2011
Tax Masters led me to believe that for 5+ months they had been in contact with the IRS helping me to get my interested and penalties lowered. I paid them upwards of $3000. I had a hard time getting them to return my phones calls or emails, and the few times I was able to get in touch with someone, they assured me they were taking care of everything. Wasn’t I surprised when I had a knock at my door and found a man whom had a certified letter from the IRS stating they are going to take action, drain my accounts, come after my home, etc…everyone’s worst nightmare.

Tax Masters / Don't use

LYDIAM19 on Jul 2, 2011
Completely unreliable and does NOT deliver the goods, one screwup after another..cannot bear to watch their ads..will promise you everything and NOT delivery on anything!!! GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING THEY ARE VERY CLEVER AND TRAINED IN TELLING YOU THINGS OVER THE PHONE (UNDOCUMENTED) AND NOT PROVIDING RESPONSES OR CONFIRMATIONS VIA EMAIL. They dropped the ball not once, not twice but three times. Your account will move from one manager to another or an employee who is helping you is gone and unless you call frequently you have no idea until it is too late!! Verify, Verify, Verify, Verify!!!

Tax Masters / Fraud/Scam

Mary Kay Whalen on Apr 14, 2011
I saw last night on ABC Nightly News that Tax Masters is being investigated for decptive/fraudulant practise. This is only being investigated in 2 States, they who are investigating need to open there eyes to the full extent of which Tax Masters will go it is a lot more than merely 2 of the 52 states, I would imagine most all states have been lied and scamed by Tax Masters. Who do I file a complaint with? I live in Illinois and I as well as many have had the same treatment from Tax Masters, they are trained to lie, I was told I was being stupid for working with the IRS on my own Jeremy Long...

Tax Masters - North Carolina, Mount Holly / Did not help solve tax issue

mhiggins on Apr 14, 2011
Tax Masters was paid a $2500.00 between Jan 19, 2009 to June 20, 2009, to assist with a tax issue. After they received payment was told by a Nicki Sample (Tax Consultant- 281-497-4226) that we needed to gather all W-2's from previous employers, and previous tax filings and send them to their Texas office. Although we has some documentation, there was not anyway to obtain "all" documentation. We informed Nikki that we thought that was Tax Masters' responsibility. We repeatedly tried to contact Tax Masters using the ID number they assigned, because nothing was being resolved. We never...

Tax Masters / Complete sham!

SmackCbc on Apr 11, 2011
We saw the commercial for Tax Masters and thought they could help us. Once we hired them they started adding more and more fees for supplements and additional services. In one month we paid $1300 only for them to process tax returns but could not release them until an additional $800 was paid for additional supplements. If we would've continued their services we would've paid a little over $6k only to find out from the IRS that they cannot negogiate anything more than we can as tax payers. Everyone please be aware and call the IRS prior to engaging with Tax Masters. You will first...

Tax Masters / Total Rip OFF

Lance Gordon on Feb 20, 2011
After the BIG crash in Real Estate a few years ago I didnt think that there would ever be any way out of the mess that I had created with the IRS. My problem actually goes back much futher then that start a good seven years ago with personal problems here at home. I have always been self employed and do pretty well for myself. But with the problems here at homes things really started to take a turn for the worse. Not file one year turned into 6 years of not filing and then the letters started to poor in from the IRS. At first I thought I could take care of this on my own. I tried to talk to...

Tax Masters / Sales department and untrained personal

Nancy1508 on Feb 3, 2011
Tax Masters is not a reputable company. Contacting them I was pressured into believeing that they would stop liens and resolve my issues. They did not! Investigate before you give them any money. They misrepresent what they advertise. Do not use them and seek out a local CPA in your area. This company wanted anothe $2, 600 from me for doing the Fed and then another $2, 600 for State. Why when the Fed has to be done first and then to be charged again is high powered robbery. Someone has got to stop TM from scamming people in stressed!!!

Tax Masters / Fail

nelepe on Jan 31, 2011
I just got through my tax nightmare! I had a consultation with Tax Masters and handing over a ridiculous amount of money was our next step with some very hefty promises. This made me very uneasy. Thank goodness too. I avoided this company by doing research before deciding on someone to represent me. The problem is they take your money before getting a clear picture on your situation with the IRS. Companies like Tax Relief Foundation conduct an investigation first. This is the only honest way to conduct business in this arena. Both you and your representation should have realistic expectations before fully committing

Tax Masters / Help

GregF on Jan 26, 2011
I had an appointment with a representative and was assured that my debt would be decreased to cents on the dollar from 70k. He said I had to sign the contract and pay there retainer fee of 8, 000(Wow!) before anything would take place. So, I called my wife and told her how they could help. I was so relieved and looked forward to letting the “professionals” represent us, and having the promise of being worry free. With all there commercials I was conditioned to think that they must be the best. The same thing happened to me that everyone is complaining about, endless paperwork, not...

Tax Masters - Texas, Dallas / Companies like Tax Masters are a Scam!

Honestly, when my hubby and I became aware we were in tax debt we were more scared about getting scammed by the organization assisting us then the IRS taking our money. How do you browse for one reputable tax relief company, like Tax Defense Network, in a sea of frauds? You go with the one which gives straightforward answers to the questions and doesn't hold a fraudulent record. That's why we didn't pick frauds like Tax Masters, and so relieved we did choose Tax Defense Network. From the very beginning we had an uneasy feeling about Tax Masters. We heard and read that a lot of...

Tax Masters - Texas, Houston / BREECH OF CONTRACT

Hired Tax Masters to help me with an issue regarding my watercraft and the Ohio Dept of Watercraft concerning a usage tax.They proceeded to delve into the State income tax and Federal tax which is not what they were hired to do.Only to find out months later, and after being turned over to the Ohio Attny Genaral, that they said they were not qualified to do such work.Now mind you, they proceeded to scam me for 1500.00 b4 I caught it.We have been arguing ever since .We finally came to an agreement, signed contract, stating that they would send me 1300.00 back stating the credit card company kept...

Tax Masters - Texas, Houston / Unethical

I am in a bankruptcy and have been since 2008. I have a federal tax bill I wanted Tax Masters to help me with. I called them and informed them of my bankruptcy and they said they could help. I paid them $6500.00 up front fee over 4 months. At this time they said they would start my case. They called me back and stated they found a bankruptcy on my record. I said well yes I informed your company of this on day one when I talked with you and that I still had 2 and a half years to go on it. They now stated they could not help me until after the bankruptcy was over. Had I known this bit on...

Tax Masters / Liars and thieves

I signed on with Tax Masters after contacting them and they told me that they could help me. I was informed that if I did not get help that even if I had a payment plan with the IRS they would still try to double my payments every 5 years or so. I signed up and stayed in close contact for the first three months. Then nothing no one would call me or return any form of reply. The last reply I had at that time was the employee said it should be settled in about a month, After a couple months I called back and he was no longer there and I was transferred to another person who informed me that I...

Tax Masters / Robbed me

I have been trying to get my money back from TaxMasters since June! They took my money and never provided the booklet they promised. I have called them for 4 1/2 months only to get the run around and to be put in voicemail everyday! They stole my money! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! I was told i would be contacted with an update on my refund but they just say that. My file has been in the refund department since july! It's mid October! I am pissed. I filed a c omplaint with the BBB. Let's hope that works.

Tax Masters / They Ripped me OFF!!!

After our daughter died Lars stopped working started drinking. He ran his own construction company out of our house so we were living comfortably at the time, i didn't have to work and we had plenty in our savings to last us a while so it seemed obvious at the time for Lars to take some time off... months turned to years and our savings started to run dry, so i started work again as an RN. I didn't know it at the time, but falsifying information on our returns to maintain the life style we had. in reality even before he stopped working his small business was running at a loss, but he...

Tax Masters / Money scam

After I finished my time with the Navy i started my own construction company back home. We did very well for he past ten years up until the housing market crash. I kept my business pretty well under the radar, but i really shot myself in the foot ( didn't pay the payroll taxes for the since we started). *** i know, but that in the past. So the IRS started Levying my Bank accounts. I mean all My bank accounts: Checking, savings, CD's the list goes on. So i pulled everything out. I contacted Tax Masters to see if they could help me. A man named Lexington Steele with a funny accent got...
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