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Tasso Farms Complaints & Reviews

Tasso Farms - Tennessee, Cleveland / Sick puppy

Jan 13, 2013

I wish I had found this link before I purchased my West Highland White Terrier. I was referred to Mary Burns by someone who had purchased 2 Westies from her several years earlier. If I had looked at her web-site I would have known because you don't breed that many dogs without it being a puppy mill. I purchased my Westie in Aug. 2012. Mary told be to bring a towel the day I picked her up because she had wormed her and she might have diarrhea. She also gave me a syringe containing 2 more doses of Albon which she said was for the diarrhea. I took all that in good faith but after 2 days of...

Tasso Farms - Tennessee, Cleveland / puppy

Jul 22, 2011

I purchased a sheltie puppy on a Saturday, with what I thought was dog food matted in her fur around her ears. I took her to our family vet two days later (on Monday) and she actually had Sarcoptic Mange. Vet took a scraping and I saw the little bugs! Vet said that almost certainly every littermate and momma had it as well. I call breeder Monday night to discuss payment of our vet bill for this and the fact that she needed to treat the other dogs. After some resistance, she agreed to send the money, but denied that she had any problems. 3 weeks later, no $$. We paid $500. I don't expect...