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Taryn Rose International Complaints & Reviews

Taryn Rose International / Poor service


I bought a pair of mens dress shoes for $410 while on vacation in San Francisco. After less than 4 weeks, the tip of the soles wore off. I contacted the customer service number listed on their website and was referred to their corporate office. After calling the office, I was told to return the shoes to Neiman Marcus where I had purchased them. These shoes are only found at certain stores. I am quite disappointed in their customer service. I am an orthopedic surgeon and cannot recommend these shoes to my patients due to poor quality as well as poor service.

Taryn Rose International / Terrible shoes


I purchased my first pair of Taryn Rose shoes only to find that the footpad region on both shoes and entire heel pad on the right was peeling off to reveal the inside of the shoe (shoes were not worn--came like this right out of the box). The shoes are made in China. I thought the company would want to know about the defects but they indicated that I should exchange through Amazon. The company rep indicated that the shoes are legit from Amazon and that they sell directly to them. The second pair arrived today again with the footpad region peeling off both shoes. The bottoms of the shoes are...