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sweater Complaints & Reviews

sweater - Maine / no respect of manger

Dec 26, 2012

I had purchase some items for christmas on12-22-12 at burlington coat factory in Olathe, KS and I did not notice that was a alarm senser on the sweater that I had got for my daughter for christmas until christmas day when she was going to wear it so I took the sweater an put it back in the bag to take back to the store the next day . I went to closes burlington store which was Shawnee Mission Ks and when I went in the store an the alarm the rush to me like I had stole and also look thur my bag an gave me my bag back, told me to get inline over there which was on the right side of me so I did. I can see that he was doing his job some what but to rush to me when I just came in the store . I think that was wrong

sweater - Texas, Houston / never enough cashiers !!!

Oct 13, 2011

It doesn't which Ross Store I shop at in Houston, Pasadena, Webster, Texas...It's always the same complaint. You have 10-15 custumers waiting in line to pay, and only one or two cashiers checking people out !!! I am always hesitant to shop there. I have even approached managers, who have a number of excuses why they are short staffed. Sorry to say shoppers will eventually take their business elsewhere if this doesnt change. I was not the only unhappy customer in these lines...I promise you !!!