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Comedy Centralidiotic adverts

I don't get the point of the Animated adds,
1. A lady pushing a pram with a Octopus in the pram as a kid
2. One monster beating a other monster in a meeting room full of humans
3. An Camel coming out of a washer licking a woman in the face
4. A Monster sleeping in bed with a human lady and his pimpels poping.

Who think out this nonsense and think it is appropriate and funny !

Re think your adds

Comedy Centralsouth park airing times

The South Park Episodes should Not be shown before 10pm
These shows are airing from morning till night All Day Long
They are not meant for children (Yesterday an episode aired where one character told the other to suck his balls then was fking him in the ass)
I leave tv on for my dog and have my security monitor on)
The content of these shows is Not Funny ! It's offensive is so many ways so I choose Not to watch it
Kids today have so much more access to tv etc then we did 22 years ago when this show aired
I will make sure to spread the word about this bigoted horrible show and ban all who sponsor it. In the Meantime get it off the Air until late night!

Comedy Centralseries reruns

Would it be possible to have More reruns of FRIENDS and The Big Bang Theory? Also, 2 Broke girls, and Two and a half men? Did I mention the
unfunny, Just for laughs and America's unfunniest home videos? Please! Another thing, are there any Charities that the Unbiased DSTV sponsors for underprivileged white children? I didn't think so, they don't deserve it right? Off course not, there's no such thing as underprivileged white children, silly ole me. Thanks DSTV! Love ya!!

Comedy Centralplaying the girls gone wild commercials

Why do I have to be subjected to naked freaking girls when I'm watching comedy central. Do you all believe that no women can have a sense of humor? Because those commercials are definately geared towards perverted pent up horny guys. I don't know why me or my family has to see this just because we like the programming on comedy central. I know there has to be more of us out there that thinks this should be taken off their ads.

  • Pa
    Paul-G-9251 Feb 19, 2010

    These commercials are being played on Friday and Saturday nights at 1 a.m and later. These adds are never on in the normal hours of the day. This is the kind of stuff you're going to see late at night.

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  • Ed
    Edthomas Jul 28, 2013
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    Verified customer

    Do we really need so much "Futurama"? I like stand up comedy, and you guys hardly ever put any on. You put on tons of a cartoon. Put futurama on the Disney channel with cartoons. Please...there is a lot of stand up comedy out there. Please schedule more of it.

    Thank you
    Ed Thomas
    [email protected]

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  • Tb
    tb1975 Mar 24, 2016
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    I am complaining about a Comercial I just seen on Comedy Central at 6:45 pm on a Thursday night, a commercial regarding NOT SAFE and basically implies a tisket a tasket, you've got something on your *di**k... this is not appropriate at this time, please do something about this crap.

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  • Er
    Eric Wood Aug 24, 2016
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    I watched Larry Wilmore really didn't like T.D.S. that much. Tolerated because Larry was next. So guess what? I don't watch C.C. anymore. You lost a watcher. I had been watching it for about 20 years. Maybe more.

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  • Th
    ThomasMolina Nov 10, 2017

    puerto ricans are being burned by the thosands with out recording cause of deaths.families are losing millions of dollars in fema help.and Mr john keeper and producer renta luczate believe they are cleaver saying our misery is a conspiracy to turn swing state. how insensitive can your company be joking of people losingg their homes and land.SAD. T Molina @ [email protected]

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  • Sk
    Skinz222 Sep 08, 2019

    I'm watching The Office at 10:30am on Labor Day with my family and a commercial comes on Comedy Central of a cartoon granddpa saying "I had sex with your grandma last night and she stuck her finger up my *bleep*!" C'mon Comedy Central! A commercial like that at 10am?! You can do better than that!

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