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Susan Monteleone / Senza Capelli Sphynx Complaints & Reviews

Susan Monteleone / Senza Capelli Sphynx - Nova Scotia, windsor / Beautiful Kittens

Jun 14, 2015

Hi Susan, We just wanted to thank you again for our beautiful kitten Teddy. The car ride back from Windsor to Toronto was surprisingly easy; Teddy sitting on my lap the entire way! The minute we arrived home she was running around and exploring her new home. She is inquisitive, outgoing and doesn't seem to be afraid of anything! She is friendly to new faces and already recognizes ours. We could not be more happy and thankful to you for raising her so well. She has such an appetite and her favourite spot is perched on our shoulders. Tonight she had her first bath and it went better than...

Susan Monteleone / Senza Capelli Sphynx - Newfoundland and Labrador, Ferryland / Beautiful kittens sphynx

Oct 17, 2012

Wonderful Cattery Thank you so much Susan. What started as a simple google search has brought me the love of my life! Winston has brought so much joy to my children and I. I can not express how much love I have for him, and he gives me back. Susan, you were so helpful throughout my long 12 week wait! Updating me with baby pictures and answering any questions and concerns that I had. People come over and leave completely in love with him and his charm. He brings smiles to my face every second I am around him and I am so grateful! I can not wait for another so he will have a friend:)

Susan Monteleone / Senza Capelli Sphynx / Beautiful Sphynx Kittens

Oct 13, 2012

I got a cat from Susan. She is the joy of my life. I take her with me to the hospital to visit people who are sick and dying and she puts a smile on their face. She has been raised well. She is friendly, outgoing but most of all she is gently. Senza capelli is a cattery that can be trusted. I give Susan updates all the time and never an email goes by that she doesn't thank me and share a genuine interest in my beautiful baby. I cannot say enough about the joy this cat has brought to my life and to many others. And from what I understand, Susan also gives kittens to children with cancer from time to time. Apparently animals can help extend the life of those who are sick. Again thank you.

Susan Monteleone / Senza Capelli Sphynx - Ontario / Susan monteleone / senza capelli sphynx

Jul 19, 2012

Grow the hell up on this website susan monteleone and diane hoover. . . Seriously stop hacking my account, stop making false complaints against other breeders using my name, stop being freaking psychopathic moran's trying to cause problems for me and other breeders. . Try doing something productive in your life instead of acting like children. . Guess what i said your a ### breeder which is true so get the #$%$ over it. . Acting like childish ###'s hacking peoples accounts and making idiotic claims against other breeders trying to frame someone else for it is the most ###ed and...