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Surjeetthakur Complaints & Reviews

Surjeetthakur - California, Temple City / Payment portal is behind the times

Nov 25, 2016

Their system is really outdated. I was having problems with things loading. Most people in a professional environment are no longer using this old fashioned technology as it is prone to bugs and viruses. Sometimes the chat feature is too slow when I need a question answered immediately, but I guess that's what the call functionality is for. There are hidden settings (such as international and address items) that are set up by default and are hard to find and no one knew about unless we dug deep into the settings. Just a minor inconvenience, though.

Surjeetthakur / Surjeet thakur is scam

Nov 23, 2016

I got ripped off by Surjeet Thakur a fraudulent site a set of site that never delivered service promised for almost two months stealing me of$325. The original order was on 6/17/2015, a confirmation was received on 6/19/2016 with an activation link within 2 working days, which then got shifted to 7/15/2016. After that a complaint filed on 7/18/2016 with Surjeetthakur received an acknowledgement but it’s over a month now and no recourse on the complaint, no money back.

Surjeetthakur - Texas, Texarkana / Surjeet thakur is a scam.

Nov 18, 2016

Surjeet thakur is a scam. He uses the same $490.00 gateway setup fee to scam merchants out of money. He will approve you for an account, just so they can debit your account $490 even when they haven’t provided you anything. They will approve you for an account, and then immediate the same department will close your account. They do this so they can obtain your bank account and routing information so they can illegally debit your account the $490 gateway setup fee. When you call them you have to talk to sales and immediately these people will say no. They say they will refer you to 3 other processor...

Surjeetthakur - New York, Poland / Fraud with anyone

Nov 10, 2016

Surjeet thakur has asked for personal identification information that I am not willing to provide, i.e, copy of passport and copy of a document verifying my address such as a utility bill. It is forcing me to forego any further dealing with surjeet thakur. They act like the gestapo or ss and will not talk to you on the phone or provide any explanation.

Surjeetthakur / Not real this is fake

Nov 10, 2016

This company is a rip off. The minute you have a problem with something you buy they freeze your account then tell you it’s limited and cannot be removed Surjeet Thakur has saved me tons of $ today it saved me from a frodulent individual on a sale of 500$ thanks to paypal still have the item to sell and will get my $ worth. thanks PayPal for saving my $ for the 3rd time