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Absolutely horrible customer service. I purchased 2 pairs of tights at the exhorbitant price of $44 each. According to their size chart, I would order a size small, which I did. When they arrived, the size chart on the packaging clearly had different criteria where I would need a Medium instead. I emailed them (as there is no phone number on the packing slip) and asked for a return authorization number and they emailed me back telling me the order was filled correctly so that's that. I've emailed 2 more times for a return authorization number and have received no response. I am now... / Cheap products and no respect for their customers


Like a few other ladies here on this site I was searching for what I could do about these people at who keep emailing me even though I've asked to be removed so very many times. Funny but I asked to be removed once, twice, FIVE times and still rec'v notes from them I blocked their emails but still I can see them piling up in my garbage bin in the email client. I cannot believe the nerve of these people really! They completely ignore the LAW and just keep on sending their cheap pathetic newsletters that aren't even designed nicely. Stockingirl is a cheap company with... / Horrible service


I ordered from this company on the 1st. They charged my Credit Card IMMEDIATELY when I placed the order. The following week, I check my email to see they wrote me to say they backordered an item (website said "in stock") and would I like to get a different item instead? They would not ship my order until they heard back from me. Due to the lateness, I wrote back and CANCELLED my order. On the 23rd (that's TWENTY THREE DAYS LATER) they send me an email stating my order just shipped and they have backordered the remaining item! Completely IGNORED my cancellation, claim to have not received...