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Springfield Farms Islamabad Complaints & Reviews

Springfield Farms Islamabad / real estate - fraud - avoid!!

Apr 30, 2019

Watch out Springfield Farm Islamabad Pakistan. I have been fighting the owner to give me my house now for 4 years and it still is not finished and he took all the money. He has threatened me and his father but I am not scared of him. The owner is known to do fraud all over Islamabad google him and vertex. He will make a attractive price say you pay on payment plan and then he will sell the houses and delay construction 5years. He is also known to sell houses several times in gulberg. This project is the same like in gulberg and bahria enclave. He lies and says he is honest but he is not...

Springfield Farms Islamabad / fraud

Oct 20, 2018

Beware!! Do not invest in Springfield farms in Islamabad!! It's is a fraud Asif Choudhry will take your deposit and resell your plot several times, or will delay the construction and spend the money. He is very haramy and does lots of harm stuff. He is know to be a fraudster lots of fir against him. He is dishonest and he owes lots of people money in Gulberg, bahria, other societies. He is not be trusted and should go to jail. Do not believe him, he has corrupt politician friends but slowing but For sure he will go To jail. Don't believe his lies he might say ask these people if they are happy they are usually his friends or relatives that lie for him saying he is honest.