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Spray - Lining Coatings Complaints & Reviews

Spray - Lining Coatings - California / BUSINESS COMPLAINT

Mar 23, 2013

SPRAY-LINING COMPLAINTS EXIST WITH SEVERAL RHINO LININGS DEALERS WHO COMPETE, MAINLY WITH LINE-X DEALERS. Bill Dalburo is a director and one of the owners of Spray-Lining. The client was the Water Replenishment District handles groundwater for almost 4 million houses within 43 cities of Southern Los Angeles County. WRD at is the actual Groundwater Monitoring Agency for Central and West Coast Basin Communities. Their board director contacted my Rhino dealership to coat water treatment tanks. Coatings materials and equipment for this application equated to over 30, 000 square feet. The...

Spray - Lining Coatings / Review of Spray Lining Complaints

Aug 10, 2012

Lets discuss issues that business owners have dealing with spray lining brand support. Receiving super great support for field work, product and equipment is crucial. Otherwise feel stranded and its difficult for them provide reliable service to their clientele. Now Lets Review Spray Lining Dealer Support: Complaints in the bedliner industry are broad. Upon review, a large % business owners who become branded truck bed spray lining dealers such as Line-X, Rhino Linings, Ultimate Linings & Xtreme Liners have felt scammed by minimal dealer support. These customer service Rhino, etc spray lining...