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Spg Consultants Complaints & Reviews

Spg Consultants / Stealing Scam Stoppers Clients

ssss on May 10, 2011

It seems that SPG Consultants is attempting to steal clients from by contacting clients and offering a similar service. SPG Consultants is a scam and Winston Grant runs his so called business out of his appartment and doesn't help anybody except himself. Scamstoppers is owned and operated by Robert Bradley Duskes and he knows what to do to help clients.Trust me SPG Consultants is a scam and don't be fooled by him or his partner companies like phonepages inc and so on.

Spg Consultants / Scam, beware

judy1964 on Mar 27, 2011

SPG Consultants is run by Winston Grant. The supposed purpose of the business is to help customers that have been ripped off by telemarketing companies. What they fail to inform you of on the web site is that Winston Grant is affiliated with with several questionable directory related telemarketing companies himself. Having been provided information on this company I can tell you this; it is run out of an apartment in a suburb just outside of Montreal, the phone number is a pay as you go phone who's provider is Telus Mobility and there seems to be no record of this company having ever...

Spg Consultants / SPG Consultants are fakes

SPG Consultants is run by a telemarketer named Winston Grant. This business is run out of his apartment using a Telus Mobility pay as you go phone. He has no interest in helping his clients avoid getting scammed. They sell you a directory from a different company name, you pay the bill and try to cancel your order, then they call the same customer and claim they're calling from SPG Consultants this time and say they can get you out of competitors bills by paying SPG. What makes this business so lucrative they make their money coming and going all while discrediting a bunch of competing...

Spg Consultants - Qu├ębec / SPG Consultants Is a scam

After having done some preliminary research on SPG Consultants I can tell you a few things, they are not an incorporated company and it is run by Winston Grant and Ranier Narine. These individuals are responsible for for a slew of complaints in the online directory business and seem to use these tactics as a way of trying to discredit a large portion of there competitors. They either own or are involved in several business directory schemes themselves including, Data Source 411 and I have serious reservations that this is a legitimate list of scam companies considering...

Spg Consultants / False Information

I do apriciate the effort that this company has put in order to find the bad apples about telemarketing companies, but there is flaw in their so called list of scams companies or so called salles pitch & so on, i'm sure there is some companies that actually do it, wich is illegal & unfair to the customers, but in my little research i also found out that SPG Consultant are making false allegations about some companies on their so called list of bad companies(when i say some it means like 2% of the list), also they put false information about them, i figured out why, is to create for...