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Spadester Complaints & Reviews

Spadester / Scammed


Hello, Just a warning that we have to repeat again and again, please stay way clear of do not even download the software!!! 1. They do not pay if you win 2. They will use your details for comercial reasons 3. They will try to hack your email 4. The will clear your credit cards 1 - when you win you will never see your money! If in doubt just google spadester or spadester scam and you will find posts dating back years from victems 2. They sell your email + profile to anyone willing to pay 3. When u revolt they will use the password u use for the spadester account and use...

Spadester / no payout


support They wont payout, I played only a couple of games and was playing with real good players, I lost a few dollars and I wanted To cash out there phone number dosent work and cutomer chat never gets anything solved.I have now l;ost all communications with them, they wont respond to my emais.I consider the money lost.

Spadester - Texas, Hurst / they owe me over three thousand and they wont pay


They say that they wont pay me because they say I cheated. Actually they dont pay anyone as the people on the site would often tell me