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Southwest Auto Tow Complaints & Reviews

Southwest Auto Tow - Texas, Dallas / Illegal towing

May 12, 2014

SWAT should be called in to shut down Southwest Auto Tow ! Illegal towing is my main complaint. Residents in my east Dallas complex know all too well. I personally have had 2 vehicles "illegally" towed, Needless to say both were returned to me "free of charge" but that's not the point ! " Returned free of charge " from Southwest means-admission of guilt if you ask me ! A word from the Wise to the Wondering - don't live in an apartment that "contracts" towing with Southwest. Inoperable vehicles is one thing but "illegal" tows are another : THIS NEEDS TO STOP ! My other issue is and...

Southwest Auto Tow / Dan & Joann Messina are Car Thieves


Dan and Joann Messina run a fraudulent, illegal towing company named Southwest Auto Tow. These two conniving deceivers are very beguiling and good at selling their wares and have contracted with property management and apartment complexes all over the Dallas metroplex to be given legal permission to come onto those properties and rob the tenants of their most expensive possession and the charge them money to get back what they stole. Dan and Joann Messina are thieves of the vilest kind. They make their money by stealing property and monies from other families. Dan and Joann Messina bring money...