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Southwest Complaints & Reviews

Southwest - Michigan, Detroit / Lost luggage/no one helping

Mar 10, 2014

It's been over a month now and still no word on my dad's luggage. He came to Nashville to host karaoke for my son's 18th birthday party and they lost his luggage!!! Are you kidding me southwest??? Not a happy Mom at all!! To make a long story short, No karaoke party, Dad lost $9, 000 just in karaoke stuff! That's not even including his clothing!! He also had all his medication in his luggage. I know I know you DO NOT put medication in your checked in luggage but he did. He was here for a week so we had to go to the VA hospital and still there all day long to get new...

Southwest / boarding pass


My mother-in-law came up on Southwest Airlines from Tampa to Manchester, NH. Last April we booked her flight and she got her boarding pass with no problem. This past December she came and was unable to get her boarding pass. She called and was told she couldn't get it until she went to the airport. Of course by then A & B's were already taken. No one told her that the reason was because she had to be "age verified". They saw her ID but no one said that was the reason she couldn't get her boarding pass online the day before. I didn't realize this until we tried to get...