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Smile Bright Complaints & Reviews

Smile Bright - England, Durham, Consett / scam to gain money from Credit card


Everbrite, H 5 - U K L t d, 4 3 I v e s t o n R o a d D e l v e s L a n e, C o u n t y D u r h a m C o n s e t t D H 8 7 H R P h o n e : ( 0 2 0 ) 3 3 7 1 - 9 3 6 9 CleanWhite, CyberNet Entertainment Ltd, 19 Princess Avenue, Blackhill, Consett, Co Durham, DH8 0LG, UK This company took my details for a "free sample" and I gave credit card details for the postage only. In the small print they took money £55 and £54 for a month's supply of their tooth whitening. The bank had to be involved and I had to make a statement to stop the scammers from taking money each month.

Smile Bright - Colorado, Denver / false charges


This is a frickin scam! They promise you a free trial for around $5.00 to cover shipping. First of all the product is bogus. 2nd they send you the trial and no phone number, no packing slip, no way to get a hold of them after the product comes, until you get your bill...Then beware!!! You are charged the shipping then 86.93 for the product since it wasn't returned in 14 days- again cause you didn't have a number to call and cancel. Then we have another charge 10 days later for the 2nd pen AT $86.93- Once agaian I still haven't got my monthly bill yet to know all of this is going...

Smile Bright - Colorado / rip off/scam overcharging & repeat charging


They also charged me 2x in less than 1 month and claim that I couldn't return it after 30 days. But since I only just got my december bill from the cc company, i didn't realize what a scam this is. They charged me on the 3rd and the 11th of december and now say there's another one coming. I will of course refuse. I will be returning and also contacting the "customer service" person whose named was supplied on the some of the marketing hype. An unfriendly and particularly unhelpful customer no service phone employee couldn't (wouldn't even give me the corporate contact. Said she did not know who that could be. Doesn't know what or who signs her check, and more run around.

Smile Bright / Unauthorized Charge of $86.93


I signed up for a free sample of Smile Bright. The next time I know, my credit card is charged for $86.93. I already had my teeth whitened at the dentist so I really don't knew their trial product. I am filing a complaint with the Attorney General Consumer Division for the State of Maryland . I suggest all scammed consumers do the same. I never agreed to the credit card charge. The number given on my credit card charge fos Smilebright was 1-877-594-7850, allegedly in Ohio.

Smile Bright - California, Santa Monica / did not follow customer's requests


i answered a pop up ad on the Web. After filling out the asked for information, I talked with an operator, explaining that I wanted ONLY the free trial, for which a $1.95 S&H charge was expected. I very deliberately specified that I DID NOT want the product, just the trial. She tried to convince me to buy the package . I refused. She finally understood my request and assured me that I would only get the free trial sample. After some time, I revceived a slim tube and assumed it to be the sample. On the next credit card statement, I saw the $1.95 charge. The following month, there were two...

Smile Bright - Western Australia / Bogus Charges


I purchased a trial for a teeth whitening product after seeing it on my friend's Facebook page. I recently found out that her Facebook was hacked and it was posted as my friend's status update. I received a small product and then 2 weeks was charged an additional $95 AUD after my purchase of $13 AUD. Major rip off, I never authorised it but I didn't pay close enough attention to the terms and conditions either. Now I have a product that barely works, the size of a pen, for over $100AUD.

Smile Bright - Iowa, Des Moines / deceptive promo & charges


The promotional trial product (teeth whitening) will lure you in on the price for less than $5, and if you do not respond within 14 days to cancel and or ship back, they conveniently charge your account $86 +/- dollars three weeks later. Look out!!! not click on that buttom!, they will tell you under "terms and conditions" you agreed to purchase more, not knowing it, read all of it first before clicking on it!... .

Smile Bright - Delaware / ordered a 99 cent trial an every bleaching company send me bleach for teeth and charges


i see a advertisement on computer that keeps saying you can buy two different trial offers on for .99 cents and one for 4.95 and with both of them together it will lighten your teeth, next thing i know, i get the one from smile bright for 99cents, then 2 weeks later I get my credit card bill. smile bright 1-877-221-0156 DE .99 cents, then whites smile for $4.94 #1888-227-2950 CYP THEN a smile pure 1-877-240-7753 DE, It was for $92.47. Then I also have a charge from beutyclub #1-866-847-7659 cyp an it was for $79.28. I asked someone named Amandawhat they charged me for she said it was dazzle...