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Skoda Complaints & Reviews

Skoda - England, Essex, Colchester / No PDI inspection

May 22, 2015

A main Skoda garage found PDI suspension blocks still in the car, limiting the main suspension And making the car unsafe to drive. Other PDI elements had also been missed e.g sat nav installation and wheel nut caps etc leading us to believe a PDI has not been done well or at all. The ride has been extremely uncomfortable but we put this down to low profile wheels and sport suspension. 4 front tyres have been punctured whilst going over bumps and drains in the road and we had to constantly swerve going over any imperfection in the road. We were just about to move the car on when the blocks were...

Skoda / car damaged at dealer's service center

Mar 29, 2015

Last Saturday, 21st  of March, I have delivered my car to one of the service centers of SKODA dealer in Egypt, ARTOC Auto, at 11:40 am for a spare part change( after waiting 3 whole weeks as the spare part was not available).I left the car in the center and at 4 pm I received a phone call from an engineer in the center informing  me that a maintenance engineer crashed my car upon trying it out side the maintenance center (which is so strange why they drive the car outside the center !!! )Upon going to the center to investigate I found the whole  front of the...

Skoda / Substandard Tyres


Dear Sir, I purchased a Skoda Fabia in the month of Feb 20o8. My car is driven 3500 kms. Last week, while returning home from Pune to Mumbai on the expressway, my front side tyre burst. I replaced the same with the spare and when I went to repair the tyre thinking it was a punchture, I was informed that my tyre had bursted. The tyre dealer checked my other tyres and informed me that all my tyres were of substandard quality and had bubbles on them, so it is unsafe to drive the car on any highway or expressway. I immedaitely went to the car dealer (Autograph India, Mumbai) and informed them...

Skoda / No TEST DRIVE and arrogance of dealer.

Da excerpt, Hello People, I have been to Mahavir Auto [skoda dealer] at Hyderabad, along with a friend of mine who was willing to BUY a new fabia. At the first sight, the car looked just about OK ! from outside. But built quality and the INTERIOR'S were Pretty Up class !!. Soo far so good. As i heard of some DISAPPOINTMENTS Under the Hood, in our forum. I thought of checking out personally with a TD. I asked the sales guy for a TD. To my SURPRISE he said that, They don't provide any TD...