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Sivitrol Complaints & Reviews

Sivitrol - Florida / One month free supply but charged to account


Ordered my free 30 day trial of Sivitrol, I am from Canada, online June 12th arrived June 30th. Yup a charge to my visa on June 30 of $94.oo Canadian. When I ordered my free trial I was told I only had to pay shipping & handling which of course they took off my visa right away. When I complained I was told by customer service that "I should learn how to read"! have tried to cancel my "membership" that I never joined and was told "that line is down". What a scam.

Sivitrol - Pennsylvania / product doesn't work


I ordered the trail amount for the cost of shipping and it was for 14 days. But I never received the product until after the 14 days was up. So how was I supposed to know how it worked to cancel before then? And when I called to cancel and get a refund they said I was to late for the refund, so I'm out 87.47. It's pretty bad when you can't even try the product before the trail period is over, or at least get the product on time so you can cancel before the trail is over. I think this is the biggest rip off ever.

Sivitrol - Ontario / unauthorised transactions& no product


These guys have advertised a free trial for 15days with payment for S&h only. Since the 13 of Aug I have had 4 different transactions on my credit card and no product. I can't cancel payments because the bank says they have a clause about membership. Membership!!! there was nothing like that on their site when I ordered the trial. Its daylight robbery and they should be investigated to make sure they are not defrauding poor guys like me who are desperately trying to find ways to be healthier!!