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Sisley Italian Kitchen Complaints & Reviews

Sisley Italian Kitchen - California, Sherman Oaks / Mistreatment of employees


Sisley is a horrible business to work for. I used to work for this corrupt company. The customer service is absolutely horrible. If something is wrong with your food, do not expect a refund. The owners are very cheap, and try to pinch every penny they can. If this includes screwing their guests or employees, they are all for it. The owners treat the managers and employees like dirt. Thats why they have such a huge turn over of employees. My best advice to you is to never step foot inside a Sisley Italian Kitchen. The Rancho Cucamonga location closed down, and hopefully the others will follow along with it.

Sisley Italian Kitchen - California, Valencia / They don't deserve our business


Had a meal at Sisley's in Valencia. We needed to get going and told the waitress not bring us the dessert tray. She apologized and said that she had to or she would be fired. I asked her to explain and she said that it is company policy that a server be fired on the spot if they don't bring the dessert tray to the customer, even if the customer asks the server not to. The waitress also disagreed with the policy saying some customers didn't want sweets because they were watching their weight, some parents didn't want the kids tempted with something they didn't want the...