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Aug 16, 2016

So, let me start by saying that I have nothing to do with Seductivespells. I personally would never buy anything from this site because I do have a common sense you know. But unfortunately I have a family member which does believe in things like spells and other hocus pocus. And this family member (my sister) actually paid this woman Lily and bought some spells! When my sister told me about that I almost laughed myself to death. But the sad thing here is that my dear sister was scammer and stolen from. This lady Lily is a cheater and scammer, she fools innocent people which are not smart... / Order spell does not work

Jun 27, 2011

I ordered a spell on May 6, 2011 and as of this date got no results. I was emailing Lilly she was my contact person. To this date I have paid Seductive Spell a total of $600.00. After four weeks have passed with no results Lilly kept stating my case needed more work. She states the refund policy is only offered after 6 months. I do not believe in their work. It has been eight weeks since I ordered the spells and still no results. Stay away from this site. I do not believe they are honest people. / fake not real

Jun 15, 2011

hi, just to let you guys know I I have been ripped off by lilly from, nd that I believe these people (her) selling the spells are just asking for the money nd that the spells don’t work and I do also this they are a con people that just ripping off people money, pretending to cast spells to make people to believe them and buy the spells when they needed help and getting the money from the customers buyer .When I first time buy the spell, I was so naïve that the spell I brought they said it will make your dreams come true and become very successful and they have...