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Second To None Complaints & Reviews

Second To None / Cheating company


Sales boy used the usual door-to-door magazine subscription pitch, and had the usual tattered documents, and it seemed comparable to other efforts which worked out OK for us. I tipped the wrong way, and gave him $40, for 2 years of Outside magazine, 'cuz it was an icky day and I was impressed by his initiative. Sadly, it was all lies. Website doesn't exist, too discouraged by life currently to try other angles. This occurred in Jan 2008 - just found the receipt in the 2008 Taxes file, to support the Loss claim.

Second To None / Scam and cheating


I was approached at approximately 7PM by a well-dressed young gentleman, and heard two of his colleagues upstairs in my building. I was presented with a very well-worded, polite sales pitch that used strong emotional appeal to get me to purchase a magazine subscription. I was told that he was training to be a mentor for an inner-city program, and as a part of the training, he was required to go out into the community to demonstrate that he could approach people and talk to them without making them angry or upset. The program was to give kids a second chance, keep them off the streets and drug...

Second To None - California / Never received books!


I ordered some Preschool program books from this company on Oct the 7th of 2007. On Nov the 14th of 2007 their sales representative Oscar Johnson cash my check for 60.00 dollars in his account . I have left several messages for this company and as of today have not had a return call. On their receipt it says if you do not receive within 120 days you are entitled to delivery or a full refund. I tried to e-mail them and I'm not able to get into their web site. And I would like the books or the full amount of my check.

Second To None - Texas, Longview / Terrible experience!


Two young men came to my door selling magazines. Had a young son and was trying to support him. If he does good on this job, he will get a promotion and a raise. After about an hour, he finally talked me into taking 2 magazines. One was a birthday gift for a 4 year old. The check was cashed in 7 days. After 120 days I started calling. Left message after message after message. Did finally talk to Amelia Carter. She stated she would send a refund. Then one of the magazines started coming but the 2nd one never showed up and I did not get a refund. I think they think you will misplace or lose the...