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Sami David Complaints & Reviews

Sami David - New York, New York / Service

Jun 29, 2012

I must say that I am shocked appalled at the assertions on this site about Dr. David. My husband and I were having difficulty conceiving our second child after conceiving our first child was very easy. My husband and I were both in our early 30's at the time and instead of recommending expensive treatments that rarely work or suggesting we need IVF at $25, 000 - $30, 000 a treatment, Dr. David through utilization of his unique methodologies was able to ascertain that I had a very low grade kidney infection. Instead of IVF, Dr. David prescribed a standard anti-biotic to treat the...

Sami David - New York / negligent services

Apr 20, 2012

For the seven months that I've been with Dr. Sami David's practice I have had multiple incidents when his staff gave me wrong instructions or told me they would order a medicine in for me but did not and I didn't have any medication to take over the weekend. They order labs as STAT yet after getting the results, no matter how many times I call or email them, they don't care to tell me my labs. If there's a pressing issue, they still control the info that gets to the doctor's table. I can see how the doctor wouldn't have any idea of what is really going wrong...